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Which Birmingham Startups are Revolutionising the UK’s Payments Industry?

In a world driven by technology, trends of digitization in various economic sectors like commerce and finance are inevitable. This momentum has significantly encouraged the growth of Payment Startups, particularly in Birmingham, United Kingdom – an area well-known for its contribution to the tech-startup ecosystem. Not only have these startups used technology to create innovative solutions that simplify the complexity of financial transactions, they have also opened up a new realm in the financial industry. We have curated the following list of promising payments-focused startups and companies from the Birmingham area.

These highlighted companies are offering a diverse array of products and solutions, ranging from mobile payment apps to billing solutions and contactless payment systems. The featured startups are paving the way for innovation in the payments industry, reducing the hassle of regular transactions for individuals and businesses alike.

As part of our ongoing series on remarkable startups, let’s take a closer look at these companies and explore their innovative contributions to the payments industry.


Under the leadership of Stefan Aquarone and Will Grant, Droplet allows its users to collect rewards and pay at their preferred places through their phones. This app-based solution enhances the shopping experience by eliminating the need for physical transactions.

Oxygen Finance

Oxygen Finance is bringing new ideas to early payment solutions, thereby creating a new income source for companies. Their expertise lies in the fields of consulting, finance, financial services, information technology, and payments.

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Glide Utilities

Founded by James Villarreal and Sandeep Krishan, Glide Utilities simplifies the sharing of bills between tenants and property businesses, easing financial pain points for all involved parties.

Tola Mobile

At Tola Mobile, Gary Corbett and his team provide direct carrier billing to new markets and customers. They are active players in the mobile payment and telecommunications industry.

Oxygen8 Group

Founded by Gary Corbett, Oxygen8 Group is a globally recognized provider of integrated mobile and voice solutions, with offices in different parts of the world including the UK, Ireland, South Africa and more.

PM Connect

Headed by founder James Macfarlane, PM Connect provides in-roads for global brands to meet with the best mobile networks. They are dedicated to improving the landscape of mobile payments and telecommunications.


Tryba, under the auspices of Ike Madu, offers banking, business tools, and payment solutions to individuals and SMEs through their digital banking platform.

Dynamic Mobile Billing

Operated by founder Gary Corbett, Dynamic Mobile Billing provides a plethora of payment options including Direct Carrier Billing, PSMS, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, IVR, SAS, and Online Checkouts.

We Tranxact

Founded by Rav Bains, We Tranxact offers a variety of financial services ranging from high-risk merchant accounts to mobile payments, e-commerce, and chip and pin services.


Shpun operates a digital platform wherein users can manage their accounts and cash, engage in forex trades, and explore multiple payment options.


AptPay not only supplies chip and pin equipment for debit and credit card payment systems but also provides commercial mortgages for business loans.

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Westgate Moore Associates

Westgate Moore Associates specializes in delivering payment audits for both the public and private sectors.


Headed by Mohamed Eltahir, Altras is a leading money remittance company that enables users to transfer money to their loved ones via their user-friendly mobile app.


SalePay caters to various industries by offering solutions for payment transactions, cash flow, and ensuring secure service delivery.


Emerald offers an online payment platform that allows quick and secure access to a payment account, making financial transactions easier than ever before.

In summary, these companies from Birmingham are not just pioneering innovation in the payments space, but they are reshaping how individuals and businesses transact in this digital age. Each startup listed above is illustrating a unique approach to addressing the challenges of modern finance. This spirit of innovation and problem-solving continues to position Birmingham as a major hub for fintech worldwide.

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