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Which Birmingham Accounting Startups are Influencing the UK Finance Industry?

Welcome to one of the ongoing series where we spotlight and discuss cutting-edge Accounting startups & companies that are making waves in the finance industry. In this installment, we are putting the limelight on a specific region in the United Kingdom; Birmingham. Known for its rich history and diverse culture, Birmingham has always been a hub for innovative businesses. Needless to say, it is the birthplace of a myriad of trailblazing Accounting startups & companies. Today, we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of 15 Accounting companies based in Birmingham that are revolutionising the field of accounting and finance.

These companies are not only redefining the way businesses think about finance and accounting, but they are also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in these fields. Their innovative solutions are providing critical infrastructure, support, and services to businesses of all sizes, making them an essential part of the Birmingham business ecosystem. From boutique advisories and specialist education providers to top quality accountancy firms and forensic financial investigators, the diversity and depth of these companies are truly impressive.

Join us as we discover these companies and find out what makes them standouts in their respective niches within the Accounting industry. Let’s delve into the infographics and data points to better understand what these companies bring to the table.

Fair Tax Accountants

Fair Tax Accountants offers accountancy, taxation, bookkeeping, and payroll services with an aim to lift the financial burden of small local businesses. Focused on fairness, they strive to provide value-oriented services. The ubiquitous nature of their industry presence touches upon Accounting, Advice, and Financial Services.

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Forensic Strategic Solutions

Forensic Strategic Solutions is a financial investigation firm. They specialize in financial forensic investigations, providing invaluable Accounting, Consulting, Finance, and Financial Services to a wide clientele range.


Moneypex offers an innovative and free bookkeeping software for companies and founders seeking to grow their businesses. Their product stands at the crossroads of Accounting, Financial Services, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software industry.


Offering advisory, certified trainings, and marketing services, 2020 works closely with accountants and tax professionals. They operate within areas of Accounting, Advice, Corporate Training, Marketing, and Professional Services.

We Tranxact

Established by entrepreneur Rav Bains, We Tranxact is a financial services firm that offers high-risk merchant accounts, mobile payments, e-commerce, chip, and pin services. Their sector encompasses Accounting, E-Commerce, Mobile Payments, and Payments.

The Finance and Management Business School

The Finance and Management Business School offers courses in accounting, management, and business, providing knowledge that extends to Accounting, E-Learning, Education, Finance, and Higher Education sectors.

Khanna & Co

Khanna & Co provide top-tier accounting, tax preparation & planning, and bookkeeping services for individuals and businesses. They operate within Accounting, Consulting, and Financial Services fields.


HYPER SYSTEMS LIMITED was formed to alleviate daily life problems with the incorporation of interconnected information, primarily embellishing the Accounting field.

Metalrax Group

Delving into Accounting, Finance, Financial Services, and Information Technology sectors, Metalrax Group offers a wide range of financial information on researching and analyzing accounting data and preparing reports.


Fairwood is a consultancy offering accounting, auditing, taxation, payroll, and business advisory service. They have made their mark in Accounting, Consulting, and Financial Services.

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Stanley Yule

Stanley Yule specializes in audit, assurance, business valuation, financial consulting and tax planning services, adding value to the Accounting, Consulting, and Financial Services sectors.


Money4dentists is a financial advisory firm specializing in advance tax planning, endowment, mortgage, building, and medical insurance, providing speciality services within the Accounting, Financial Services, and Insurance industry.

Carnegie Knox

Carnegie Knox is an accounting firm offering taxation, payroll, online accounting, tax advice, business plans, and consulting services, enhancing the Accounting, Advice, Management Consulting, and Professional Services fields.

R R Accountants

The R R Accountants firm offers a host of services like accountancy and tax services, advisory, specialist accountancy services, and consultation, contributing their expertise to the Accounting, Consulting, Financial Services, and Insurance industry.


Breslins is a business management firm that provides consultancy, accounting, taxation sales, and marketing, and HR recruitment services. They have woven a multifaceted web linking Accounting, Business Development, Human Resources, IT Management, Management Consulting, Marketing, Outsourcing, and Sales sectors.

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