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Which are UK’s Foremost Payment Startups Revolutionising Finance in 2023?

The finance and payments landscape in the United Kingdom is experiencing a disruptive shift, driven by startups that are leveraging new technologies to provide innovative focus onstreamlining payments, easing cash flows, improving payroll management, and more. Every day, these startups are reshaping how businesses and consumers transact, frequently resulting in superior user experiences and cost savings.

These pioneers are delivering unique value propositions by creating state-of-the-art, user-friendly interfaces that simplify transactions while ensuring high levels of security. This article aims to highlight some of the most intriguing of these companies that are making waves in the UK’s payment sector. We’ll detail each company and shed light on their unique contributions to the industry.

As the UK continues to maintain its position as a prime hub for finance, we estimate that numerous ground-breaking payment systems will emerge. The following are some of the most intriguing payment startups.


activpayroll is a leading global professional service organisation that provides integrated global and domestic payroll solutions. Co-founded by Allison Sellar, this company prides itself on fusing compliance, finance, and human resource functionalities. They are fostering new, efficient ways to handle payments at the corporate level.

Gener8 Finance

Offering cash flow remedies to small and medium-sized enterprises is Gener8 Finance. Their IT and mobile payment services redefine traditional financial service concepts, placing them among the UK’s leading providers of innovative financial solutions.

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Aspire Worldwide Ltd

Reshaping loyalty program design and mobile payment platforms is the key focus for Aspire Worldwide Ltd. They are solidifying their position in the e-commerce and mobile payment landscapes.

Universal Smart Cards

Universal Smart Cards, or USC, specialises in smart cards, card readers, and printers. They are also making steady inroads in marketing and payments with their innovative range of products.


Serving corporate and private clients, Moneywire brings a suite of international payment services that deliver superior quality and value. Their provisions in financial services and payments stand out for their efficiency.

Payments Chimp

Payments Chimp excels in a range of financial services. From card processing and payment solutions to utility supply and business finance, their aim is to simplify transactions across different platforms.

Mobile Sense

Emphasising the growth of mobile transactions, Mobile Sense offers an enterprise-class mobile payment platform. The company fosters a seamless payment experience for businesses and consumers alike.

Mobile Genius

Founders Pablo Casado and Thomas Rand Nash have built Mobile Genius, a company that refurbishes old phones and resells them. In doing so, they contribute to the e-commerce and mobile payment industry by facilitating efficient and cost-effective transactions.

LM Computers

In the interesting intersection of laundry services and the payments industry is LM Computers. They provide unique RFID, EPOS systems, and credit card processing solutions for the laundry and dry-cleaning industry.


Co-founded by Julian Fisher, jisp represents a cutting-edge company. They are leading the evolution of communication, shopping and payment through their sophisticated app, finding niches in sectors including e-commerce, hospitality, and retail technology.

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Revive Management

Revive Management, founded by Geoff Boudin, provides digital payment solutions and communication services to insurance companies. They also have a strong presence in the digital media, software engineering, and telecommunications industries.

Claim Easy

A standout claim management company, Claim Easy, extends financial services to banks and financial institutions. Their services incorporate innovative payment solutions to streamline procedures.


icount offers alternatives to standard banking facilities with services like a basic current account and a prepaid card that doubles as a credit builder. Their unique approach essentially reinvents the credit, credit card, and financial services sector.


Co-founded by Peter Simon Ellis, Lumon simplifies overseas payments, making them quick and straightforward. Their expertise in financial exchanges, risk management, and Fintech sets them apart.


CloudPay, courtesy of founder, Jienya Feldman, provide payroll, treasury, and on-demand pay solutions to multinational organizations. They are making a significant contribution to the human resources and financial services sectors.

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