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Which Are Southampton’s Most Influential Accounting Startups Transforming Finance?

Southampton, home to over 55,000 businesses, has seen rapid growth in its financial sector in recent years. Here, the Accounting industry has also been able to flourish, gaining momentum through a mix of traditional accounting firms and innovative startups. The following 15 companies are making waves with their unique approaches to accounting services, their adaptability, and commitment to simplifying the financial processes for businesses and individuals alike.

All the companies illustrated have a strong customer focus and proactively strive to provide value-for-money and quality services that ensure financial success. Ranging from global compliance and tax advisory to bookkeeping, these Southampton-based companies have proved their worth within the financial market both regionally and in some cases, internationally.

So, whether you’re an investor, a financial enthusiast or simply need accounting services, dive in and discover the impressive ventures that have made Southampton a hub for financial innovation.

AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants Ltd.

Conceptualised by Dr Angelos Katsaris and Melanie Shabangu Katsaris, AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants Ltd. have quickly become a world-leader in global compliance and tax advisory. Their hands-on approach with expert advice coupled with their innovative software solutions make them standout players in the accounting, consulting, financial services, and software industries.

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Fiander Tovell

Founded by Lee Tovell and Ray Fiander, Fiander Tovell specialise in providing proactive, value-for-money accountancy services. Their services extend not only to businesses, but also to individuals, making them a versatile player in the Accounting industry.

ABDS Chartered Certified Accountants

ABDS Chartered Certified Accountants are committed to providing top-notch accounting and business consultancy services. Their team consists of chartered certified accountants, bringing credibility and expertise to their operation.

The Bookkeeping Team

The The Bookkeeping Team provides customised bookkeeping, accounting and tax services. Committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism, their services are designed to meet unique client needs.

Poolemead Accountants

Poolemead Accountants are leaders in the provision of accountancy services. They also offer taxation and business advice, making them all-rounders in the finance game.

Sharma & Co.

Priding themselves on their top-notch accounting services, Sharma & Co. are experts in the accounting industry, offering financial services and professional advice to a wide portfolio of clients.

HJS Accountants

HJS Accountants have established themselves as providers of a wide array of accounting, taxation, payroll, bookkeeping and business advisory services. They cater to both businesses and individuals.

Omnipol Accounting

Omnipol Accounting specialise in providing accounting and tax services. These financial experts are committed to supporting individuals and businesses in their financial journey.

Kara Accountants

Offering accounting advisory, Kara Accountants provide results-driven solutions through effective account management and advice.

Victory Bookkeeping Services

Victory Bookkeeping Services are experts in providing accounting and payroll services. Their team of professionals are committed to the highest quality of work and customer service.

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Martina Rose Accounting

Providing accounting services designed with professionalism and precision, Martina Rose Accounting caters to a diverse client base with varied financial needs.

Basra and Basra

Basra and Basra offer a wide range of services including estate planning, audit, bookkeeping, online accounting, personal tax planning, payroll, and bespoke professional services. They are a leading firm in the accounting, consulting, and financial services industries.

Berrywood Accountants

Berrywood Accountants provide comprehensive accounting, payroll and software support services in a professional and timely manner.

DEMC Bookkeeping

Offering personalized accounting and bookkeeping services, DEMC Bookkeeping strives to keep their client’s financial needs at the forefront of their business model.

Thomas Croft

Founded by Mark Thomas, Thomas Croft specialises in an array of services including accounting, bookkeeping, business support, cash flow planning, budgeting, and tax management services. They are committed to enabling their clients successfully navigate their financial journey.

The accountancy sector in Southampton boasts of a vibrant and diverse landscape. These firms continue to lead the way with their intrinsic understanding of their clients’ needs, impressive service deliveries and innovative approaches to problem-solving. Each company showcases their unique contribution to the financial sector, making Southampton a frontrunner in the accounting industry.

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