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Which are Cumbria’s Most Influential Trading Platforms Startups in 2023?

In the bustling county of Cumbria, home to a unique blend of natural beauty and economic potential, a new breed of startups is revolutionizing the trading and financial services landscape. Ranging from digital livestock trading to forex and cryptocurrency platforms, these innovative companies are leveraging technological advances to simplify and enhance trading experiences for investors and traders alike.

Despite the challenges facing many industries in the last year such as the ongoing global pandemic and Brexit, these resilient Cumbrian trading platform startups have displayed significant potential and resilience. Here, we highlight 15 stellar companies that are shaking up trading services in the region.

Although diverse in their niches, these startups share common features with bespoke trading options, cutting-edge technology, and support features designed to guide their users to successful trading. In no particular order, we take a look at these trailblazing Cumbrian trading platform startups.

Harrison & Hetherington

Emerging as a unique player in the startup scene, Harrison & Hetherington is a digital virtual livestock trading platform providing services for major beef, dairy, equine and sheep breed societies and clubs. This platform embodies an interesting blend of data visualization, real estate and stock exchanges.


EasyTrade.io takes a broad approach providing a platform that features forex exchange, company stocks, cryptocurrencies and commodities buying and selling options. The company’s emphasis on providing diverse options to traders sets it apart from its competitors.

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TIOmarkets is a platform that deals in trading, cryptocurrency, risk management, consulting, accounting and financial services. The business’ vision of end-to-end financial solutions makes it a big player in the crypto world.


AMarkets provides a platform with a focus on forex, CFDs, indices, cryptocurrencies and metals trading. Its strive in delivering diversified trading options further enhances the growth of the financial services industry in Cumbria.


YaMarkets is an online brokerage firm offering a platform for cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities and indices trading. Aiming to be diverse and sophisticated, YaMarkets is set to make a big splash in the online trading industry.

Moneta Markets

Moneta Markets, helmed by founder David Bily, operates a web-based FX and CFD broker trading platform. Their approach to FX trading brings a refreshing change to Cumbria’s financial scene.


As a forex brokerage firm, TemplerFX offers a platform for foreign exchange and commodities trading, making it a key player in the financial exchanges market.

Myfx Markets

MYFX Markets offers a platform that provides foreign exchange, index CFD’s, cryptocurrencies, metal and commodities trading, underlying its broad trading focus.


FreshForex sets itself apart by providing a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, metals as well as training services. Their blend of trading and training services makes them stand out in the crowded trading platform field.


CLMarkets is distinct in their approach, offering a variety of traditional trading and brokerage services, crafting a unique identity amongst the trading platforms in Cumbria.

Crystal Ball Markets

Crystal Ball Markets operates in a broad sphere, offering a variety of financial services to traders and highlighting their versatility in the market.

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XSocio has carved a niche for itself by offering traders an advanced technology platform to get competing pricing across major currency pairs.

One Trading Markets

One Trading Markets distinguishes itself as a financial brokerage firm providing foreign exchange, gold, stocks, oil and cryptocurrency products.


PrimeBit is a P2P crypto-products trading platform specializing in buying-selling assets such as bitcoin, gold, oil and more, aiding it to carve out a market niche.


Finally, MSMAX stands out as a forex trading platform offering financial tradings, exchanges and educational materials. Along with providing trading options, MSMAX offers educational materials and guidance, showcasing its unique approach in the trading platform industry.

In conclusion, these standout startups and firms display the versatility and dynamism of the trading platform industry in Cumbria. As these companies constantly innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving economic climate, we can expect many more exciting developments and trends to emerge in the future.

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