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Which Are Cumbria’s Most Influential Accounting Startups in 2023?

Accounting is a crucial industry that never goes out of business. Whether it’s a multinational corporation with complex financials or a small trader just trying to balance their books, expert financial advice is always invaluable. For those looking to find reliable accounting firms or startups in the beautiful county of Cumbria, a list has been compiled. From cloud-based accounting to wealth management, these companies offer a slew of services according to the needs of different customers. Here are some of the accounting companies that are making waves in Cumbria.

In this present age of digital transformation, many startups and small businesses are seeking out accounting firms that provide cloud-based solutions. This approach enables companies to have access to their financial data anytime, anywhere, facilitating decision-making processes. Also, businesses are not restricted to their local area for choosing an accounting firm – making Cumbrian firms competitive on a national scale. An added advantage is the wealth of experience and knowledge of regional regulations these firms possess. And choosing a Cumbrian firm aligns with the support local ethos, injecting money back into the local economy.

Here are 15 interesting accounting firms and startups based in Cumbria, UK, providing a wide range of services. From accounting, professional services, finance, financial advisory, auditing, tax management, to web-based tools, these companies are well-equipped to meet the needs of multiple industry sectors, hence making them relevant in today’s digital age.

TI Accountancy

Founded by hardworking entrepreneurs, TI Accountancy offers a range of accounting services. Their speciality in the accounting and professional services industry makes them a reliable go-to solution for businesses.

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Melville & Co

Melville & Co is another well-established firm offering accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping services. They have a strong reputation in the Accounting and Financial Services industries and are renowned for their professionalism and commitment.


Winders provides accounting, statutory audit, payroll processing, tax investigation, wealth management, and retirement planning services. They are well-regarded in their fields, offering clients peace of mind when it comes to their financial matters.

Lamont Pridmore

Lamont Pridmore provides a wide array of services, including accounting, wealth management, asset management, corporate finance, payroll, taxation and franchisee services. Catering to diverse needs, this firm has sustained its excellent reputation through the years.

Armstrong Watson

Armstrong Watson provides a comprehensive range of accountancy, audit, tax, payroll, corporate finance, financial planning and wealth management services. All of these abilities make them a one-stop shop for businesses.

Dodd & Co

Dodd & Co is an accounting firm that offers taxation, payroll, auditing, VAT, business advice and corporate services to multiple industries. The range of services they offer makes them a robust and diverse choice for any business.

Saint & Co

Founded by John Jackson Saint, Saint & Co is a firm which offers accounting and financial services. They continue to uphold their founder’s dedication to excellence, progress, and service.

David Allen

David Allen provides accounting, debt recovery, payroll preparation, tax management and retirement planning services, along with IT solutions. Their innovative and integrative approach makes them a great choice for modern companies.

MoynanSmith Accountants and Tax Advisers

As a CPA firm, MoynanSmith Accountants and Tax Advisers provide a diverse range of accounting services, catering to businesses in the Accounting, Finance, Financial Services industries.

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Grainger + Platt

Another compelling choice for business owners<, a href=”https://grainger-platt.co.uk/”>Grainger + Platt is an accountancy services company that holds a respectable reputation.

P L Gauntlett Accounts

P L Gauntlett Accounts based in Carlisle is another diverse services provider, showing resilience and dedication to their work.


SeavorChartered provides accounting, tax and business advisory services. They have proved themselves as a dependable guide in the complex world of finance.

Practical Accountancy Services

Practical Accountancy Services provides administrative, accountancy and bookkeeping services to businesses, aiding them with their financial management needs.

BFMS Accountants

BFMS Accountants is an accounting company that stands out with their commitment to delivering prompt, efficient services.

Tattersall Bailey

Tattersall Bailey, an accountancy firm, provides cloud-based accounting and tax solutions for businesses. Their innovative approach has made them a favorite among businesses seeking technological solutions for their financial management needs.

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