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Which Are Croydon’s Most Influential Accounting Startups Shaping 2023’s Financial Landscape?

The energetic city of Croydon, UK, is bursting with innovative companies thriving across multiple sectors. Not the least of these is the realm of accounting with startups bringing fresh perspectives, approaches, and services to tune with the digital era. This article will take you through a journey into some of the most exciting accounting startups and companies in Croydon that are redefining business finance and accounting.

These companies are not only transforming the ways accounting was traditionally perceived and understood but are also advocating for more efficient, compliant, and smarter finance management. Specializing across a spectrum of needs – from tax planning, business advisory, bookkeeping, estate management, to more specific niches like credit claims for R&D, and catering to the unique accounting needs of the hospitality and restaurant industry – these startups are rendering an extensive range of services bolstered by technology and expertise.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of these innovative accounting companies that are proudly representing Croydon, UK in the vast global plane of financial services.

Richard Keys Accountancy

Richard Keys Accountancy offers a suite of services including payroll, bookkeeping, VAT, business advice, and tax planning. Specializing in accounting, advice, and financial services, they work to make accounting less formidable for businesses.

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Pioneered by Adam McCann, Claimer has designed a simple yet ingenious solution for companies to claim credits for the money used for R&D. This innovative platform is a testament to the amalgamation of accounting, credit, finance, financial services, FinTech, and software.

Paperchase Accountancy

Aku Patel’s Paperchase Accountancy specializes in providing bespoke accountancy services for the hospitality and restaurant sectors. Their industry-focused approach has given them a unique place in the accounting sector of Croydon.

Sable International

Expertise across accounting, tax, money transfers, immigration, and wealth management services has helped Sable International to establish a strong footprint in the financial services and wealth management sectors.

Bryden Johnson

From accounting and business support including audit, financial advice, digital payroll, and tax, Bryden Johnson provides a full spectrum of financial and professional services to meet various business needs.


Specializing in accounting and taxation services, Taxaccolega is a trusted name for advice, consulting, and financial services.

Harans & Co

Harans & Co distinguishes itself with a portfolio of services encompassing business accounting, business start-up advice, company formation, tax, and personal accounting services.

Aynesley Walters Cohen

Aynesley Walters Cohen is a prominent accounting firm that brings together audit, bookkeeping, and business advisory services for individuals and businesses.

Silver Sevket & Co

Silver Sevket & Co has made its mark by providing thorough and reliable accounting services.

Mark It Off

Specialized in accounting, finance, and financial services, Mark It Off also offers tax, bookkeeping, and financial advisory services.

Tax and Save

Offering tax advice, tax return, VAT, and payroll services, Tax and Save is a go-to choice for businesses seeking comprehensive accounting services.

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A firm of chartered accountants, SWP specializes in audit, accountancy, tax, and business advisory services, earning them a trusted position in the industry.

Mann Abbott & Co

Mann Abbott & Co stands out with its comprehensive offering, covering a range of services from accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, estate, VAT planning, payroll, to mortgage advisors and wealth planning services.

DSK Partners

With a focus on tax planning, accounting, business start-ups consulting, payroll, VAT, bookkeeping, and financial planning services, DSK Partners has carved a niche for themselves.

My T

As a subscription-based service designed for freelancers and micro-businesses, My T is making a difference in the accounting industry by providing a much-needed service to a unique demographic.

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