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What’s the Future of Direct Consumer Digital Ordering Solutions?

Key Takeaways:

  • EasyOrder is a leading direct to consumer digital ordering solution, specializing in providing fully branded solutions to restaurants.
  • The company offers bespoke digital ordering and marketing solutions, including web, app, kiosk and Order&Pay services.
  • With its unique selling point of loyalty features and app-only promotions, the restaurant businesses can attract and retain their customer base.
  • EasyOrder’s comprehensive approach to direct consumer ordering positions it well for future growth in the rapidly evolving payments industry.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, direct-to-consumer (D2C) ordering solutions play a crucial role in shaping consumer behaviour and expectations. This shift in the digital arena has birthed innovative startups like EasyOrder, a Belgium-based firm founded by Laurent Vandervelde, radically transforming the restaurant industry by offering a direct, comprehensive and digital ordering solution. Located in Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant, EasyOrder’s mission is to equip restaurants with their own branded app, enabling them to engage more effectively with their customer base and, in turn, increasing orders.

EasyOrder’s key offerings include creating beautifully branded websites, self-ordering kiosks, and apps that integrate directly into the restaurant’s POS system. Not just limited to providing a seamless ordering service, the company also extends its support in the marketing realm. As a part of its service package, it offers unique app-only promotions and loyalty features for businesses to leverage, cultivating a strong, loyal customer base.

What differentiates EasyOrder from other digital ordering solutions is its in-depth understanding of the restaurant industry and a customer-centric approach. The firm believes in offering a personalized digital ordering experience where restaurant brands can uphold their unique identity while enhancing customer engagement. Their Order&Pay solution takes care of customer orders across all their channels – right from their webpage to the tableside service, optimizing the customer’s dining experience while allowing restaurants to manage orders seamlessly.

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EasyOrder’s focus on brand-specific promotions, loyalty features, and multi-channel support makes it a compelling choice for restaurant businesses seeking innovative solutions to drive their digital strategy and growth. With an increasing number of establishments looking to offer online ordering services, EasyOrder’s offerings fit neatly into this emerging trend, potentially establishing itself as a game-changer in the industry.

The future of EasyOrder, and indeed the future of D2C digital ordering solutions, appears bright as technology continues to become an integral part of not only the dining experience, but also the entire customer journey. We can only anticipate how this will further shape the consumer behaviour and expectations in the space. With an astute focus on delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions, EasyOrder is well-positioned to be at the fore of this evolution.

You can follow EasyOrder on their Instagram @easyorderapp, or head to their LinkedIn page: Easylee. And to learn more about their offerings, visit their website at www.easyorderapp.com.

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