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What Are Peterborough’s Leading Financial Services Startups Transforming Finance in 2023?

In the heart of the United Kingdom, Peterborough is a city rich with innovation in the financial services sector. Boasting a diverse hub of financial technology (FinTech) companies, the city is well positioned as a significant player in the industry. The companies range from credit card providers to insurance businesses, venture capital firms, and mergers of technology with financial services. This narrative highlights a few such firms that are contributing substantially to Peterborough’s bustling FinTech scene.

The companies we’ve delved into operate in diverse spheres within the financial sector. From auto insurance to credit cards, to wealth management and social assistance, there’s definitely a lot to learn from these companies. Let’s explore fifteen noteworthy financial service companies that are making their mark in the FinTech industry and beyond.

These firms are employing tech-driven solutions to not only disrupt but also redefine the traditional financial and insurance sectors. They are game-changers in their own right and will be worth watching in the years to come.


Pillar is focused on premium credit cards and international credit scoring. Its mission is to build the foundations that customers need to unlock unsecured credit around the globe.

BGL Group

BGL Group, co-founded by Douw Gerbrand Steyn, is a digitally distributed insurance and financial products firm.

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Quai Administration Services Ltd

Quai Administration Services Ltd, founded by Iain Willis and Tony Webb, operates an integrated administration platform.

Wise Driving

Wise Driving, founded by Tom Cooper, offers a range of personal insurance products from a panel of leading insurers.

Day Trade The World™

Day Trade The World™ boasts its position as the World’s Largest Day Trading Firm.

The Lettings Hub

The Lettings Hub is an online automation platform that integrates landlords, tenants, and insurance agents to simplify the lettings process.


Charis provides social support to individuals in poverty and hardship with essential funds and grants via charities, companies, and authorities.


Monmia offers multiple financial services and operates in several sectors such as lending and venture capital.


BeMoto specializes in motorbike insurance services, showing commitment to its customers and their unique needs.

Thomas Cook Financial Services

Thomas Cook Financial Services is a provider of diversified financial services, fulfilling a wide range of banking and investment needs for its clientele.

General & Medical

General & Medical provides a wide range of financial solutions including finance, leasing, and general insurance services to customers.


Kwalitas is a payment services provider aiming to provide the best solution possible for its clients with a straightforward objective.

Access Equity Release

Access Equity Release offers professional advisory services on mortgages, debt, home development, and vacation planning.

Retirement Line

Retirement Line specializes in helping clients in retirement make the right financial decisions, offering financial planning and guidance services for retirees.

Pro Investors

Pro Investors is an investment firm focused on venture capital funds, offering investors various options to increase financial growth.

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