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What are Nottingham’s Most Influential Finance Startups and Companies Today?

Nottingham is home to a diverse range of finance startups and established companies that are making waves in financial services. These companies are using innovative technology and strategic expertise to provide high-quality services to their customers. In this article, we will take a detailed look at some of the most promising finance companies based in Nottingham.

These companies cover a broad spectrum, including consumer lending, payment technology, micro-financing, independent financial planning, asset management, and more. Each one has carved its unique niche within the finance industry. Many have disruption at their heart, using technology to overhaul traditional services and streamline the way finances and investments are handled.

Let’s explore the fascinating landscape of finance startups and companies in Nottingham.

Oakbrook Finance

Oakbrook Finance is a finance company specializing in consumer lending, advanced analytics, and technology solutions. A cutting-edge player in the finance and financial services industry, they offer another compelling example of Nottingham’s finance talent pool.

Compass Plus Technologies

Compass Plus Technologies provides payments technology services. Operating in the finance, mobile payments, and transaction processing industries, their innovative solutions are changing the ways in which payments are processed and managed.

Dot Dot Loans

Dot Dot Loans is a micro-financing online platform offering easy and convenient consumer loans. As part of the finance, financial services, fintech and lending industries, the platform brings much-needed simplicity to borrowing.

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Wren Sterling

Wren Sterling, founded by Ian Darby, is a nationwide independent financial planning business. It’s well known in the finance, financial services, and personal finance industries for its reliable and customer-friendly services.

T.Bailey Asset Management

T.Bailey Asset Management is a financial firm offering asset management and investment fund solutions to its clients. They are a dependable presence in the asset management, consulting, finance and financial services spaces.

AH Accountants

AH Accountants is a leading firm of professional accountants based in Nottingham, providing reliable accounting and finance services.

Sterling Financial Services

Sterling Financial Services specialises in investment consulting, mitigation, and retirement planning services. Operating in the advisory, consulting, finance and financial services sectors, they have become a reputed provider of finance-based advice and consulting since their inception.

Clayton & Brewill

Clayton & Brewill is a one-stop shop for accounting, bookkeeping, virtual FD, audits, taxation, VAT returns and payroll services. They are trusted within various industries for their accounting, finance and financial services.


Working with finance, financial services and fintech, Bizfitech aims to make business finance as transparent, fast and flexible as consumer finance. Founded by Dan Cobley, Mark Onyett, and Olly Betts, their innovative approach is transforming the future of finance.


Ezcash offers online money transfer services specifically catering to Sri Lankan communities abroad. As an innovative player in finance, financial exchanges and virtual currency, it provides a valuable service with a unique audience in mind.

Barkestone Associates

Barkestone Associates is a financial and wealth management company. Committed to offering excellent services in finance, financial services and wealth management, their expertise is widely recognized in the industry.

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Sterling Capital Reserve

Sterling Capital Reserve provides business acquisitions, property development, and healthcare finance services. Operating in accounting, finance, financial services, health care and professional services, their broad reach and unique offering set them apart in the industry.

Oakbrook Loans

Oakbrook Loans is a consumer finance company offering a range of personal loans. Recognised in the finance, financial services and lending sectors, they are renowned for their swift service and customer care.

State Express Bank

State Express Bank provides a variety of financial services, including mutual funds, risk management, retirement planning, and credit. Their comprehensive approach places them as a potent force in the credit, finance, financial services, retirement, and risk management industries.

Platinum Trading Academy

Platinum Trading Academy is an online trading academy. Excelling in e-learning, finance, financial exchanges and trading platform sectors, their comprehensive and effective courses have made them a go-to resource for many aspiring traders.

This concludes our roundup of some of Nottingham’s most exciting and innovative finance companies. From asset management and personal finance planning to digital lending, each company offers something unique that contributes to making Nottingham’s finance scene so dynamic and diverse.

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