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What Are Nottingham’s Most Impactful Financial Services Startups in 2023?

Nottingham may be famous for its long-standing history, vibrant culture and associations with Robin Hood, but the city is also home to innovative startups and stellar companies in the Financial Services sector. From established financial powerhouses providing banking and insurance solutions, to younger startups revolutionizing the way we handle and perceive our finances, the city is quickly becoming a central hub for financial innovation. This article takes a look at 15 notable Financial Services companies and startups that call Nottingham, UK home. Learn more about them, explore their innovative solutions and see what they are bringing to the finance table.

Angela Murfitt Financial

Specializing in investment, pensions, and inheritance tax planning, Angela Murfitt Financial holds a firm place in the Asset Management and Financial Services industry. Although the firm is relatively small, they pride themselves in offering tailored financial solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach.

First Response Finance

As an award-winning finance company, First Response Finance provides superior customer service and reliable financial products. Cardinal to the Financial Services industry, First Response Finance is determined to simplify the processes and procedures related to finance, enhancing customer experience by making it more efficient and straightforward.

Pure Protect

In the Financial Services industry, Pure Protect has carved its niche in consulting, life insurance, family income benefit, private medical insurance, and mortgage protection. They offer a wide range of insurance products that are both affordable and flexible, ensuring their clients are covered and protected no matter the circumstances.

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Oakbrook Finance

As a versatile financial service provider, Oakbrook Finance specializes in consumer lending, advanced analytics, and technology solutions. Their strength lies in their ability to understand the financial needs of average people and design solutions that accommodate these needs elegantly and cost-effectively.


RightIndem, founded by David Stubbs, Graham Blaney, and Steve Weston, aims at transforming customer experience in the insurance industry. By leveraging their white-label insurance claims platform, RightIndem significantly improves the claims process, making it customer-friendly, more transparent, and faster.


Taking a unique approach to finance, TheCarCrowd offers a “passion asset” investment platform for car enthusiasts. Founded by David and Kirsty Spickett, the platform enables individuals to invest in high-end luxury cars, a niche that has typically been restricted to wealthy investors.

Luxon Pay

Luxon Pay shines in their specialty of multi-currency payment service provision. Luxon simplifies cross-border transactions, making them faster, safer, and more efficient. Their service eradicates the complexities arising from exchange rates and currency conversions.

Likely Loans

Transparency and fairness are at the core of what Likely Loans, a company co-founded by Manoj Badale, does. They aim to cut through the noise and confusion that often surrounds lending products by providing a straightforward, transparent loan service to their customers.

Nottingham Building Society

Established by Samuel Fox, Nottingham Building Society is a revered provider of insurance, savings, financial planning, and mortgage products in the banking and financial services industry. They are committed to creating an environment where their members can enjoy financial security.

Capital One UK

As a leading credit card provider company, Capital One UK utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer industry-leading credit cards, loans, and other financial products. From concentration in banking and insurance, they work tirelessly to provide varied personal and business financing solutions.

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TDX Group

Co-founded by Mark Onyett, TDX Group stands out in the provision of technology, analytics and customer service solutions for businesses. TDX automates and streamlines data access and analysis for businesses to enhance, inform and automate decision-making processes.

Ikano Group

Ikano Group is a privately held international corporation that offers myriad of financial services and IT solutions to its client base. Ikano Group has a riveting mix of enterprise offerings including venture capital, thus playing a crucial role in fostering innovation in the sector.

Ikano Bank

A subsidiary of the sprawling Ikano Group, Ikano Bank provides an array of financial products and services. The bank caters to both individual and corporate clients, offering banking, wealth management, and other financial services.


As a financial technology startup co-founded by Steve Bradford and Stuart Bungay, Tully seeks to help individuals struggling with debts. They offer a comprehensive online tool that allows users to gain a clear understanding of their finances and construct a budget plan in order to alleviate their debt burdens.


PeoplePlus excels in delivering a unique mix of services including strategy, education management, training, business development, recruitment, financial advice, and employment services. As a holistic provider in the industry, it holds a strong commitment to enabling individuals and enterprises to achieve their potential.

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