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What Are Leicester’s Game-Changing Financial Services Startups in 2023?

Leicester, a city in the UK, is home to several intriguing financial services startups and companies. These promising firms offer an array of services in diverse sectors, ranging from venture capital investments, insurance brokerage, and wealth management to digital banking services. This article will explore 15 financial services startups and companies that are rewriting financial service rules and making valuable contributions in their areas of specialisation.

Be it state-of-the-art digital banking solutions or insurance services catered uniquely to the digital age, Leicester companies are leaving their mark in the financial service industry. Here, we delve into each company’s specialities and offerings, along with a glimpse of the sectors they cater to, and the minds behind these disruptive startups.

Let’s take a stroll through the financial streets of Leicester and explore its thriving ecosystem of financial services startups and companies.

BHIB Insurance Brokers

BHIB Insurance Brokers is a reputed firm in the financial services industry, offering top-notch insurance brokerage services. They also provide advice and consulting in finance, risk management, and related fields. The company’s founders’ details are currently unavailable.

Momentum Broker Solutions

Providing crucial advice and support for new and existing insurance brokers to grow their businesses is Momentum Broker Solutions. Their wider industry presence extends to professional services also.

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Jenkins and Jenkins

Jenkins and Jenkins is uniquely positioned in the financial services space, providing financial advice and management consulting services while straddling the event service industry. It was founded by Clare Jenkins and Mark Jenkins.


At Brokerbility, independent brokers find a reliable partner in delivering insurance products while providing financial service consulting.

Catapult Ventures Group

Catapult Ventures Group works as a venture capital investment firm, laying its focus on healthcare, consumer products, and technology investments.

WKM Wealth

Offering top-tier financial planning and investment management services, WKM Wealth is solidifying their place in the Wealth Management sector.


Founded by Andy Knott and Phil Zeidler, DeadHappy is a breath of fresh air in the insurtech space. The company provides digital pay-as-you-go life insurance services, revolutionizing the way life insurance is perceived and utilised.

Catapult Ventures

Specializing in the venture capital sector, Catapult Ventures provides Equity Capital for businesses requiring between £50k and £2m.

Mattioli Woods

Founded by Ian Mattioli, Mattioli Woods has become one of the UK’s providers of Wealth Management and Employee Benefit Services.


Next is a digital bank providing an account and card free of charge, along with the benefit of unlimited withdrawals. Their services are a true representation of financial services evolution in the digital era.

UK Property Finance

Founded by Gary Latham, UK Property Finance is a comprehensive finance service provider, offering Bridging Loans and Development Finance. The company operates as a whole of the market broker.

360 Dotnet

360 Dotnet operates in the broader financial service industry and software space, with customer-centric software solutions at the core of its operations.

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Founded by Ashley Barratt, BSB provides a myriad of services including debt recovery, credit management, financial, debt collections, verification, and legal services.

The Loughborough Building Society

An esteemed provider of mortgage services, financial planning, and insurance services, The Loughborough Building Society is a prominent presence in the Leicester finance space.

Meridian Mortgages

Meridian Mortgages rounds off this list, providing expert mortgage advice, testifying to their specialist capabilities in the financial service landscape.

By introducing innovative ideas and unconventional approaches, these financial services entities from Leicester are reshaping the UK finance industry continually. Each company on this list has brought something unique to the finance table, promising an exciting future for financial services, both in Leicester and the broader UK.

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