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What are Hessen’s Most Transformative Impact Investing Start-ups for 2023?

Impact investing continues to grow and evolve, as innovative startups and established companies alike seek to generate not only competitive financial returns, but also positive societal and environmental impact. The German region of Hessen, best known for its financial hub in Frankfurt, is home to a number of intriguing companies leading the way in this exciting field. In this article, we will delve into fifteen of these enterprises and explore what makes each of them noteworthy contributors to the realm of impact investing.

From financial services and fintech to renewable energy and real estate, these companies cover a broad swath of industries, demonstrating the wide-ranging reach and potential of impact investing. Many have also pioneered unique business models and innovative strategies to harness the power of financial markets for positive change. As the individuals and institutions worldwide continue to embrace impact investing, the work of these Hessen-based companies offers valuable insights and inspiration.

Without further ado, let’s turn our attention to these fifteen Hessen-based companies leading the charge in impact investing, presented in no specific order:

Kajo Neukirchen

Kajo Neukirchen is a financial service firm that provides investments and private equity services in forestry, real estate and industries.


Growthbase is a fintech company co-founded by Stephan Paxmann. It specializes in providing automation solutions for the investment management process.

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Co-founded by Robin Haack, Bullfinch is a climate fintech company focusing on energy, finance, fintech, impact investing and renewable energy.


Inyova is an investment platform providing a range of services including impact investing, saving plans, and financial services.


flatexDEGIRO operates as an online brokerage firm specializing in paperless securities transactions, investment and financial services.

SDG Investments

Founded by Frank Ackermann and Lars Hunsche, SDG Investments is an impact investment and financing platform for institutional investors and companies.


Established by Jobst von Hoyningen-Huene and Michael Schneider, Econnext is an investment platform that serves as an intermediary between the social, green, and finance worlds.

Excelling Ventures

Excelling Ventures is an early-stage investment firm expert in building and developing consumer brands leveraging social media.

Agents for Impact

Agents for Impact specializes in bridging the gap between investors and impact investing across financial services and risk management.

Pure Invest

Pure Invest is a financial institution that provides diverse services such as asset management, real estate investment, and project development.

Brockhaus Technologies

Brockhaus Technologies focuses on acquiring innovative technology companies.

The Wall Street Lab

The Wall Street Lab offers financial professionals significant insights from interviews in the field of hedge funds, investment banking, and trading.

Herter & Co.

Founded by Marcel Herter, Herter & Co. specializes in a wide range of financial services, including debt advisory, restructuring, private equity, debt raising, bonds, recapitalization, and syndicated loans.

SWIFT Conjoy

SWIFT Conjoy provides financial services for redevelopment, rebranding, and concept upgrades.

Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group

Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group is an investment management firm specializing in commercial real estate projects.

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As these examples illustrate, the impact investing ecosystem in Hessen is alive and thriving. Each company has its unique approach, yet all share a common commitment to generating both financial returns and positive societal and environmental outcomes. And as the demand for impact investing continues to grow globally, their contributions to the field are certain to become even more important and influential in the years to come.


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