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Unveiling the Financial Powerhouses of Altrincham, Cheshire, UK

Discover the Thriving Financial Services Companies Shaping Altrincham's Financial Landscape


Altrincham, nestled in the heart of Cheshire, United Kingdom, is home to a vibrant and dynamic financial services sector. This article explores fifteen remarkable companies driving the financial landscape in Altrincham. From fintech innovators to trusted advisors, these companies provide a range of services to individuals and businesses alike. Join us as we uncover the financial powerhouses shaping Altrincham’s economy.

MoneyPlus Group:

MoneyPlus Group (MPG) is a privately-owned conglomerate of financial services companies unified by their commitment to improving clients’ financial well-being. With a diverse range of services, MPG caters to the needs of individuals and businesses, offering comprehensive financial solutions.

CorpAcq Ltd:

CorpAcq Ltd is a renowned private equity firm that specializes in buyouts and industry consolidation investments. Their expertise lies in buy-and-build strategies, where they acquire and develop companies to achieve sustainable growth and success.

Capify UK:

Capify UK provides invaluable business finance solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With a focus on empowering businesses, Capify UK offers flexible financing options to fuel growth and support the development of ambitious ventures.


PayStream is a trusted provider of payroll, umbrella, and accountancy services for contractors and recruitment agencies. With their tailored solutions, PayStream simplifies financial processes, ensuring compliance and enabling contractors to focus on their core work.


Improveasy is dedicated to providing consumer finance, advisory, ECO, and trading services to businesses and homeowners. They assist in funding home improvements, offering expert guidance and support throughout the process.

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Carole Nash Insurance:

Carole Nash Insurance is a leading bike and motorcycle insurance brokerage, serving individuals across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With their comprehensive coverage and industry expertise, they ensure peace of mind for riders and their prized possessions.


SoMo is a versatile financial service provider, specializing in brokerage loans, lending, and borrowing funds against commercial and residential properties. They play a crucial role in facilitating commercial lending, credit solutions, and crowdfunding opportunities.

Claim Easy:

Claim Easy is a reputable claim management company that extends financial services to banks and financial institutions. With their expertise in handling complex claims, they offer comprehensive solutions to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.


MBL provides reliable accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses. With their commitment to accuracy and professionalism, they ensure financial compliance and support their clients’ financial objectives.

LIFT-Financial Group:

LIFT-Financial Group is a comprehensive financial company offering an array of services, including financial planning, mortgages, insurance, and financial education. Their holistic approach ensures clients receive personalized guidance tailored to their unique needs.

Sesame Services Limited:

Sesame Services Limited is a long-established expert in mortgages, protection, and general insurance. With over two decades of experience, they provide invaluable advice and solutions to meet clients’ financial and insurance requirements.

Lawton Hathaway:

Lawton Hathaway specializes in professional credit management and debt collection services. Their expertise lies in effectively managing debts and optimizing collection processes, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Greystone Financial Services:

Greystone Financial Services is a trusted provider of financial advice services. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they guide individuals and businesses in making informed financial decisions to achieve their goals.

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Wayne Austin IFA:

Wayne Austin IFA is an independent financial advisory firm offering pensions, retirement planning, tax advice, and financial planning services. Their personalized approach ensures clients receive tailored advice to secure their financial future.


Vale specializes in retirement planning, estate planning, asset management, and comprehensive financial advice services. Their experienced team helps clients navigate the complexities of wealth management, ensuring their financial goals are met.


Altrincham, Cheshire, is a hub of financial services companies dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. From offering comprehensive financial solutions to expert advice and guidance, these companies play a vital role in shaping the financial landscape of Altrincham. Whether you require business finance, insurance services, or personalized financial planning, the financial powerhouses of Altrincham have you covered. Explore their services to learn more about the wide range of solutions they provide and discover how they can assist you in achieving your financial goals.

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