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Scaling Organisations in Emerging Tech: Who’s Empowering Visionary Owners?

Key Takeaways:

  • Decisive Capital is an active investor in service and emerging tech companies, focusing on bringing scale and sophistication while protecting the company’s original vision and ethos.
  • Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company extends its services across various industries such as Business Development, Finance, and Financial Services.
  • Founded by Bob Dziewulski and Britt Schwartz, Decisive Capital is committed to collaborating with visionary owners who are fearless in enhancing their visions and scaling their organisations.

The digital revolution not only nurtured emerging tech industry but also created a new breed of visionary entrepreneurs. These trailblazers see opportunities where others only perceive challenges. However, even the most innovative minds can struggle to scale their organizations to keep pace with their ideas. Enter Decisive Capital. An investor focused on service and emerging tech companies, Decisive Capital offers a partnership to those passionate business owners ready to lean into scaling their organizations. In a fast-growing tech environment, this Tennessee-based powerhouse serves as a beacon of support for ambitious owners.

Having identified two main paths to business ownership – the intended and the found, Decisive Capital seeks to empower those who fall into the latter category through investment and support. These are the owners who started businesses out of a passion for their work and a desire to make a difference. Decisive Capital’s mission is to protect these companies’ souls while introducing sophisticated business practices to scale their businesses effectively.

What sets Decisive Capital apart is its core belief in empowering visionary owners. It recognises that the minds behind these businesses are the driving force for innovation and growth. While many investors might emphasise strictly financial aspects of a company, Decisive Capital focuses on preserving the unique ‘soul’ of the company. This approach maintains the original passion and vision of the founder, while providing the necessary business development support to scale the startup effectively.

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Furthermore, Decisive Capital carries significant industry experience under its belt, giving it a unique advantage in understanding the intricacies of the emerging tech industry. Founded by Bob Dziewulski and Britt Schwartz, who have a deep understanding of the challenges that startups face, the team brings a level of empathy to its partnerships that can often be lacking in strictly financial relationships.

Going forward, we can expect to witness Decisive Capital’s steadfast commitment continuing to empower the visionary owners in the emerging tech industry. It is through their efforts that these passionate entrepreneurs get a chance to scale their organizations without losing their original ethos. Furthermore, in a world that increasingly values authenticity and innovation, the approach of blending sophisticated business practices while maintaining the company’s soul is sure to lead the way.

Decisive Capital can be found at their website DecisiveCap.co, and you can also follow them on Linkedin for more updates.

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