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Revolutionising Mortgage Industry: Can Verification Innovation Redefine Lending Process?


Key Takeaways:

  • Xactus is the leading verification innovator for the mortgage industry, servicing over 6,500 clients nationwide.
  • Xactus presents a modern mortgage experience with industry-leading speed, reliability, and accuracy.
  • The startup is redefining the lending process by digitising verification workflows.
  • Xactus promises not only a quicker loan closing but also increased profitability.

In a world increasingly driven by technology, staying fast, efficient, and accurate has become a prerequisite in every sector, including the mortgage industry. One startup working on delivering these qualities in the lending process is Xactus. Based in Broomall, Pennsylvania, Xactus has taken on the mission of revolutionising the mortgage industry with their industry-leading verification innovations.

Currently serving over 6,500 clients ranging from large bank and non-bank mortgage originators to credit unions and mortgage brokers, Xactus operates on a 360° approach to verification. This approach has been lauded for its success in digitally integrating workflows to meet the popular demand for a swift and modern mortgage experience, fulfilling the promise of gaining speed, reliability, and accuracy in the mortgage industry.

What differentiates Xactus is how it strategically brings together technology and the mortgage industry. By working closely with clients to digitize verification across workflows, Xactus substantially reduces the time it takes for mortgages to be approved and processed. This sequence not only answers consumer demands for efficiency but also provides lenders with a practical and workable solution, changing the game in the lending process.

Additionally, in an industry often fraught with fraud, Xactus provides added security and accuracy in the lending process. The startup excels in not only identifying and managing fraud, but also ensuring that every client’s credit is accurately represented. Xactus’s innovation in fraud detection and identity management undoubtedly sets it apart in the mortgage industry, giving it a competitive edge.

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In terms of the future, Xactus looks set to continue its ascendancy. The company has already established itself as a key asset to lenders and borrowers alike in the mortgage industry. And with the ever-increasing push towards digitization, Xactus’s well-tailored modern approach to the mortgage process will undoubtedly see increased relevance and utility in the near future. This suggests the company has even greater room for growth and expansion in aiding the further modernisation of the mortgage industry.

What’s more, Xactus’s potential for influencing the future of mortgage lending is not limited to its trend-setting verification innovation. The company is also a pilot in providing industry-leading speed that enables closing more loans more quickly and with greater profitability, benefiting lenders immensely. With the vision, technology, and dedication Xactus brings to the table, the lending process could be looking at a much-needed redefine in the near future.

For more information, visit their website or connect with them on LinkedIn.


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