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Revolutionising Financial Inclusion in Latin America: How Does Fintech Change the Game?

Key Takeaways:

  • Plurall is revolutionising financial inclusion in Latin America, with a focus on solo-preneurs in Colombia.
  • The fintech is utilising AI to develop innovative solutions for traditionally underserved entrepreneurs.
  • Partnerships with major investors and institutions have been instrumental in Plurall’s success.
  • Plurall aims to expand its operations across Latin America.

Financial technology, or Fintech, has revolutionised the global financial sector but nowhere more so than in Latin America. One of the companies leading the charge is Plurall. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Plurall is challenging the status quo by focusing on financial inclusion for solo-preneurs – an often-underserved sector. Plurall is striving to bring these markets into the global financial system by developing a first-of-its-kind AI-driven Fin-App, to give entrepreneurs the access to financial services they need for their businesses to thrive.

With a vast number of entrepreneurs in Colombia left out of traditional banking systems, Plurall is meeting a crucial need in the market. It’s worth noting that Colombia has the highest percentage of “self-employed” workers globally – a significant sector that is largely neglected by the traditional banking system, and also ignored in the wider FinTech revolution. This is where Plurall steps up to bridge the gap between these entrepreneurs and the financial services they require for their businesses.

What differentiates Plurall is their vision of creating an inclusive FinTech sector, in which everyone has equal access to financial services. They do this by using the power of AI to create an application that tailors to the needs of the solo-preneurs. More than just a mobile banking system, Plurall links these entrepreneurs to essential services such as access to working capital and B2B BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), a service that is often seen as essential for entrepreneurs in the digital era.

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Backed by credible investors and partners including Fasanara, Visa, and Dale – the FinTech arm of the largest banking group in Colombia, Plurall is set to become a leader in the financial inclusion revolution in Latin America. This level of support not only provides funding but also brings in valuable expertise and credibility to further boost Plurall’s ambitious growth plans.

Looking to the future, Plurall is not satisfied with serving just the Colombian market. The company plans to expand its services throughout Latin America, in a bid to address the huge disparity in financial inclusion that exists across the region. With its innovative approach and strong backing, Plurall is well-positioned to tackle the issues of financial inclusion and unlock the untapped potential of millions of Latin American entrepreneurs.

For more information on Plurall, please visit their website, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

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