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Is This Innovative Fintech Solution Revolutionising Payment Transactions for Indian Vendors?


Key Takeaways:

  • Talk It All, a product of On Demand Biz, is an innovative fintech solution revolutionising payment transactions for Indian vendors.
  • Enabling instant transaction alerts, it gives a voice and display alert whenever an online UPI payment transaction has been processed.
  • The service caters to a wide array of vendors, among which are Restaurants, Shops, Street Vendors, Peddlers, and others.
  • Founded by Santosh Salve and based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Talk It All is redefining the fintech landscape in India.

Amid the bustling bazaars of Jaipur, a Fintech innovation is revolutionizing the way small vendors in india verify their transactions. ‘Talk It All’, an ingenious embedded system developed by On Demand Biz, has emerged as a game-changing technology in the Indian financial services industry. By leveraging on Information Technology, this Fintech solution is assisting a broad spectrum of vendors scale up their business operations.

As the world continues to embrace cashless payments, Indian vendors are often left in a conundrum due to the absence of reliable real-time payment notifications. Talk It All’s disruptive solution seeks to close this gap by providing vendors with instant voice and display alerts for every Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transaction. This ensures vendors are immediately apprised whenever a payment has been made, thereby eliminating any potential payment disputes and facilitating seamless transactions.

What truly sets Talk It All apart from its contemporaries is its adaptability. Regardless of the size of the vendor, be it restaurants, roadside stalls, hawkers, peddlers or departmental stores, the Talk It All sound box can be easily implemented. Hence, it does an excellent job bridging the technological divide between giant retailers and small-time vendors. Additionally, the product is proudly Made in India, reinforcing India’s growing reputation as a hub for FinTech innovation.

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Moreover, the Talk It All fintech solution is deeply embedded into the Internet of Things (IOT), underlining the company’s commitment to staying atop current technology trends. Its real-time voice and display payment alerts will go a long way in facilitating trust in digital payments, thus encouraging more vendors to embrace cashless transactions and contribute to the growth of the digital economy.

Looking into the future, the Talk It All fintech solution is poised for rapid adoption across India. It’s clear that this innovative product will continue to play a pivotal role in moving the Indian economy towards a more inclusive and efficient digital transaction space.

Can Talk It All truly revolutionise how payments are currently made across India? Only time will tell. Yet, its innovative approach and broad-based solution certainly suggest it’s a major player to keep an eye on. Visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates.


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