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Is This Innovative Consultancy Disrupting Business Development and Finance Services?

Mindy Greer
Founded Year: 2021
Fundraising Status: Actively fundraising
Management Team: Mindy Greer – Former Executive Vice President & CFO (The Pacific Companies)

Key takeaways:
  • Pacific Housing Partners is a new startup based in Eagle, Idaho, United States that promises to revolutionize business development and finance services sector.
  • The company is led by seasoned leader, Mindy Greer, bringing years of industry experience to the table.
  • Innovation and disruption are at the core of Pacific Housing Partners, providing unique offerings in finance, development, and consultancy services.
  • Pacific Housing Partners is actively fundraising and expanding its footprint.

Pacific Housing Partners (PHP) is an emerging player in the Business Development, Consulting and Financial Services industry. Being founded in 2021, they aim to transform the current landscape with their commitment to innovation and business expertise. The brainchild of Mindy Greer, former Executive Vice President & CFO of The Pacific Companies, PHP seeks to leverage its finance, credit, and development capabilities to serve a wide array of stakeholders.

Operating from Eagle, Idaho, PHP is dedicated to empowering the production of affordable, middle-income, and senior housing. With Greer’s extensive leadership and industry experience at its helm, PHP is widely anticipated to disrupt the industry practices through forging effective ownership structures and capital products. The first year of operations was exclusively dedicated to long-time client and former employer, Caleb Roope of The Pacific Companies.

What sets PHP apart is their brand of innovation in a highly competitive field. Rather than simply offering financial services, PHP also extends its expertise to business development and consultancy, underlining their multi-dimensional capacity to cater to complex business needs. The focus isn’t simply on offering the best, but on reframing the concept of the best to cater to a broader array of clients, investors and debt equity providers. With their history of successful partnership with The Pacific Companies, PHP has the advantage of an established business relationship to aid in their mission.

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In line with breaking the traditional mould, PHP is also committed to responsible and sustainable financial practices. Their commitment to accelerating the production of affordable housing options represents a uniquely community-oriented approach to business. The company’s investment in creating better lives through financially sound, reliable housing options is a testament to their overarching vision of empowering communities while achieving development and financial milestones.

As we look to the future, Pacific Housing Partners presents a compelling vision of the future of the Financial Services and Business Development industry. Their commitment to growth, innovation, and community empowerment places them ahead of the curve in an industry ripe for disruption. While they are currently actively fundraising, their direction and commitment to excellence makes them one to watch closely.

This is a company that holds the potential to redefine industry norms and create a lasting impact. Stay connected and follow their journey on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn page.

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