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Is Social Investing the Future of FinTech for Millennial and Gen Z?

Key Takeaways:

  • Pints is a Singapore-based social investing platform for millennials and gen Z investors.
  • The platform combines pint-sized investment knowledge, simulators, and a community for first-time investors to learn, share, and invest.
  • Pints is driven by the mission to help people become better investors and believes in value-based investing models.
  • The platform does not support options, leverage, or intraday trading. It advocates for responsible investment practices.


Witnessing a shift in the world of finance, it’s important to acknowledge the role of fin-tech ventures like Pints. Pints is a revolutionary social investing platform that primarily targets Millennials and Gen Z. Launched in Singapore, Pints takes a fresh approach to investing by educating its users about the foundational aspects of investing, while providing a platform for interactive learning. Investment can often be daunting for beginners, and Pints intends to bridge this gap.

The digital era has changed the landscape of investing. No longer are Börse and Wall Street floors the exclusive arenas where financial decisions are made. Widespread internet access and demographic changes have led to the democratization of finance, engaging more youthful demographics. A response to these changes, Pints specifically targets millennial and Gen Z investors.

What sets Pints apart?

At the heart of Pints is an inherent understanding of their target audience. They know that millennials and gen Zers crave information, transparency, and a sense of being part of a community. Hence, the platform offers not just another investing tool but also an educational resource that promotes knowledge sharing. Users can use simulators to get comfortable with investing without taking on real risk. Then, they can create their own pints of stocks (baskets of stocks and ETFs) and buy them in fractions.

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In an industry inundated with complexities, Pints differentiates itself with simplicity. The platform is an advocate of responsible investing, as reflected in their avoidance of offering options, leverage, or intraday trading. The ethos of #investresponsibly enhances its appeal to young investors, who often prioritize businesses with ethical practices and clear value propositions.

Looking Forward

Looking to the future, the success of Pints and platforms similar to it signifies the continuous evolution of FinTech, with a particular emphasis on social investing. Millennials and Gen Z are the future of investing, and platforms that understand and cater to their unique needs and aspirations are more likely to thrive in the market. As technology and financial literacy grow hand in hand, the future of FinTech appears to be very much tied to the concept of social investing.

Get in touch with the young and dynamic team of Pints to experience a different kind of investing. You can visit their website here and follow them on LinkedIn for latest updates and insights.

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