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Is Fractional Real Estate Investment the Future of Commercial Property Market?

  • Fractional real estate investment could potentially revolutionise the commercial property market.
  • Strata, an innovative Indian start-up, is democratizing access to premium commercial properties with a minimum investment amount.
  • The company provides easy, transparent, and affordable investment options, and also takes care of property management.
  • Strata’s innovative approach and successful business model hints towards a promising future for the company and the industry as a whole.

The face of investing in commercial properties is bound to change with the introduction of fractional real estate investment, a concept brought to life by Strata, an innovative start-up based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Strata operates in the industries of Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services, Real Estate Investment, offering a platform that makes investing in premium commercial properties transparent, affordable, and easily accessible for everyone.

For decades, the commercial real estate market has been perceived as a space for the financially elite, however, through Strata’s fractional investment model, this stereotype is being debunked. By offering investments as low as Rs. 25 lakhs per fraction, Strata welcomes a wider range of investors to partake in property ownership and appreciate benefits like rental income and potential capital appreciation.

Unparalleled in the industry, Strata differentiates itself through its fractional investment model. This model allows multiple investors to pool in their money to buy shares or ‘fractions’ of premium pre-leased properties. Such an approach not only reduces the amount of capital required per investor but also provides access to high-quality commercial real estate assets with Grade A clients across India.

Another differential of Strata is in its end-to-end management. Once you invest, you are not burdened with the task of handling tenants, disbursing rent, or arranging eventual sale of the asset. All of these aspects are looked after by the company, making it a truly hands-off property investment. Strata also offers a unique resale platform, providing investors with the liberty to sell their holdings at any time, ensuring liquidity in a traditionally illiquid market.

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Looking ahead, the future of Strata and the fractional real estate investment sphere seems highly promising. As the concept matures and gains more acceptance, it’s likely to revolutionize how people invest in real estate. With the potential to provide diversified investment opportunities to individual investors and democratize the commercial real estate industry, fractional real estate investment could very well be the future of the commercial property market.

For those interested, you can learn more about Strata on their website and stay updated through their social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Founded by Priyanaka Rathore and Sudarshan Lodha, Strata continues to lead the way in fractional real estate investing, forever changing the landscape of the commercial property market.

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