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Is Empowerment of Financial Standards China’s New FinTech Disruption?

Key Takeaways:

  • Qixiangyun is a pioneering platform in China, empowering financial and taxation standard components.
  • The startup provides high-quality financial technological and taxation services to businesses, thereby facilitating their digital transformation.
  • The company aims to reach multi-enterprise, cross-regional, one-click tax declaration and deduction.

As the world is witnessing a swift paradigm shift in the FinTech sector, China is no exception. The country has been experiencing major disruptions in various industries due to rapid digitization and technological advancements. Among such game-changers is Qixiangyun, China’s first startup focusing on the empowerment of financial and taxation standard components. Based in Haidian, Beijing, Qixiangyun is a promising entrant into the competitive scene of financial services and software.

The startup aims to transform and modernize the traditional methods of dealing with finance and taxation, by offering standardized high-quality financial and technological services to businesses. By partnering with independent software vendors (ISVs), Qixiangyun aims to revolutionize finance and taxation systems while simultaneously simplifying the task of national tax declaration, thus accelerating the digital transformation of businesses across industries.

Unlike the traditional financial service providers, Qixiangyun focuses on empowering ISVs, therein carrying the potential of revolutionizing the panorama of business finance and taxation in China. The company offers a unique proposition of providing quality, standard, and technology-driven financial and tax services to terminal enterprises. This is an innovative approach, completely deviating from the conventional practices in the industry.

Beyond offering standard financial and taxation solutions, Qixiangyun also aims to offer a simplified national tax declaration system. This is a game-changer, enabling multi-enterprise, cross-regional, one-click tax declaration and deductions. This digitized, simplified, and systematic approach could significantly reduce the complexities involved in the tax filing procedure and advance the modernization of China’s income tax declaration system.

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China already stands as a global leader in FinTech innovation, and with the introduction of promising startups like Qixiangyun, the country is likely to retain that position in the future. Qixiangyun’s visionary approach and commitment towards creating a more inclusive and empowered financial and taxation industry, distinguishes it as one of the future frontrunners in China’s FinTech sector.

In a nutshell, Qixiangyun serves as the perfect example of China’s rising trend of empowering financial standards, signaling a major disruption in the FinTech sector. Get more updates about the company on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, and follow them on Twitter for real-time updates.

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