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Is Digitising European Debt Securities Transforming Capital Market Industry?


Key Takeaways:

  • Inveztor™ is a UK based FinTech start-up digitising the process of issuing and maintaining European debt securities.
  • The platform is transforming DCM infrastructure by connecting market participants, digitising processes and enhancing operational functionality.
  • Inveztor™ enables issuers to create and manage securities in a real-time, open and transparent environment, offering a transformative client experience.
  • As a digital agent, it handles tasks ranging from contract creation to account opening to fund transfers, optimising efficiency.

In the evolving world of finance, digital disruption has swept across numerous sectors and capital markets are no exception. One company pushing the boundaries is Inveztor™, a London-based fintech start-up spearheading the digital transformation of European debt securities management. By developing an intuitive, efficient, and collaborative digital platform, Inveztor is revamping the mechanisms that govern the issuing and maintaining of these securities.

The platform breaks free from the conventional model, seamlessly connecting market participants and streamlining processes to facilitate quicker, more effective interactions and transactions. Inveztor not only digitalises what was previously a complex and often tedious process but also amplifies its operational functionality, enhancing the overall client experience.

What sets Inveztor apart is not just its digital-first approach, but its comprehensive service as a digital agent. From creating contracts to opening accounts and managing fund transfers, the platform covers a wide spectrum of functions that were traditionally handled manually. This vastly improves efficiency, saves time and significantly reduces the possibility of human error.

Moreover, its real-time, open and transparent environment revolutionises the way securities are managed. Issuers can create, monitor and manage securities instantaneously, fostering a more dynamic and agile marketplace. This transparent and immersive experience is not only beneficial for the issuers but also for the market participants, fostering trust and enhanced cooperation in the industry.

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Moving forward, Inveztor’s future looks promising. As capital markets progressively adopt digital transformations, the need for platforms like Inveztor is set to increase. The company, with its ability to effectively bridge the gap between market participants and streamline communication and transactions, is well-positioned to thrive in the otherwise convoluted marketplace.

The impact of digitising European debt securities goes beyond the walls of the capital market industry, invariably trickling down to the larger global financial landscape. With start-ups like Inveztor at the forefront, the transformation that was once a distant dream is rapidly becoming a reality. To stay updated on Inveztor’s progress, follow them on their website here, Twitter, Linkedin, or reach out to founders Alastair Sharpe and Katee Hunter for more information.


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