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Is DataOps the Future of Cyber Risk Management in Asset Protection?

Key Takeaways:

  • BeyondRisk is introducing the first DataOps platform designed for cyber risk modeling, delivering unparalleled exposure quantification.
  • This novel platform eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming point-in-time assessments by collecting and analyzing empirical data automatically.
  • Founded by previous Check Point/RSA/Radware and Akamai security experts, BeyondRisk’s potential to revolutionize the way we manage cybersecurity is immense.
  • BeyondRisk’s future looks promising, not only for the company itself but for the whole cyber risk management industry.

As the significance of data continues to grow, the importance of effective risk management within cybersecurity has become paramount. Amidst this rising data-centric landscape emerges BeyondRisk, a New York-based start-up that is set to transform the future of asset protection. The company’s innovative DataOps platform approach to cyber risk modelling is starting to garner attention across the asset management and IT sectors. With a focus on utilizing empirical data to quantify risk and exposure, BeyondRisk is challenging traditional point-in-time assessments and offering a promising alternative.

BeyondRisk’s former security experts from Check Point, RSA, Radware and Akamai have combined their vast knowledge and experiences to develop a solution tailored to the current demands of cybersecurity. By eliminating costly, laborious manual evaluations with the use of automated data collection and analysis, BeyondRisk is paving the way for a future where cyber risk management is both efficient and precise.

What differentiates BeyondRisk is the company’s holistic approach to data collection. Rather than relying on agents, the platform integrates seamlessly in minutes and gathers information from every layer of an organization’s technical stack. This comprehensive collection process allows for a more accurate risk model and therefore a more secure data environment. At the same time, this innovative approach ensures zero impact on resources or workload performance, saving both time and money for businesses.

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Beyond more efficient data collection and analysis, BeyondRisk’s DataOps platform provides added transparency in risk and exposure modeling. It redefines how businesses perceive and combat cyber threats – shifting from a reactive to a proactive stance. These are necessary advancements, given the increasing sophistication of cyber threats amidst the rapid digital transformation.

Looking forward, BeyondRisk has the potential to establish itself as a pillar within the cyber risk management industry. As the first company to develop a DataOps platform tailored to cyber risk modeling, it sets new standards in digital asset protection. BeyondRisk’s approach to automated, empirical data-driven risk modeling could very well be the future of the industry.

With its innovative approach to cyber risk management and its potential to revolutionize its industry, BeyondRisk is certainly a company to watch. Its future will undoubtedly provide valuable insights into asset protection and the increasing importance of DataOps. Catch the latest updates from BeyondRisk and get in touch on LinkedIn.

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