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Is Cloud-Based Technology the Key to Better Capital Works Project Management?

As large-scale capital works projects become increasingly complex, and as technology continues to advance, the role of project management in these projects is evolving. A cloud-based platform that enables more efficient, streamlined and transparent project management can be a valuable tool for large organisations. This is where Mastt, a Sydney-based startup, comes in.

Mastt is a cloud enterprise software solution designed to help project owners and Project Management Offices (PMOs) deliver better capital works programmes and portfolios. The company operates in the civil engineering, construction, finance, IT, SaaS, and software industries, offering products recognized for their intuitive design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mastt offers an enterprise cloud-based software solution to improve project outcomes for owners and Project Management Offices (PMOs).
  • The platform provides real-time dashboards, automated systems, and historical project data to streamline project management processes.
  • Through its innovative technology, Mastt hopes to bring the capital works industry, often viewed as a technology laggard, into the digital age.
  • The tools and insights provided by Mastt’s platform have the potential to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate disputes with contractors.

The strength of Mastt lies in their high-calibre software and dedication to constantly refine it for efficiency and improved project outcomes. Their platform serves as a one-stop-shop for all project management needs, incorporating real-time dashboards for immediate insights, automated systems for streamlined workflow and unlimited storage of historical project data. This unsurpassed level of accessibility and detail is a standout feature that distinguishes Mastt from other project management solutions.

Furthermore, Mastt’s mission to aid program managers “build better” results in a more reliable, accurate, and predictive way to deliver projects. This mission resonates in the construction and capital works industries, where projects are often over budget and behind schedule. Mastt’s software mitigates these shortfalls, protecting against surprise costs, schedule delays, and potential disputes with contractors.

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Looking ahead, Mastt is poised for growth and further innovation. The company’s enduring commitment to its mission, coupled with the continual enhancements to its platform, put it on a clear trajectory towards setting a new standard in project management. The ability of its cloud-based technology to streamline workflows, improve transparency and predictability, and better manage costs and schedules, asserts its potential to revolutionise the capital works industry.

For an industry referred to as a “technology laggard”, cloud-based technology like that provided by Mastt, has the potential to bring it firmly into the digital age. As for the future, the potential of cloud-based technology in project management is enormous and largely untapped. With companies like Mastt at the helm, the industry is moving towards a higher level of efficiency and accountability.

Learn more about Mastt on their website or connect with them on LinkedIn. Founders Doug Vincent, Jamie Cerexhe, and Raman Nambiar are looking forward to taking this forward-thinking company into the future.

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