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Is AI the Future of Employee Well-being and Benefits Administration?

In recent years, companies have dedicated increasingly significant resources to prioritise the well-being of their employees. One startup revolutionising this space with its unique, AI driven approach is Phoenix based Plannly. As a standout player in the FinTech, Machine Learning, Personal Health, Software, Wellness industry, Plannly has developed a comprehensive modern workforce benefit platform designed to keep pace with employees’ life events. In serving ‘self-funded’ enterprise employers, their holistic, demand-driven approach merges personal health and financial well-being, coupling it with the advantages of AI.

Revolutionizing the dynamics of providing comprehensive well-being plans, Plannly expands its horizon to provide more than just traditional health benefits. With Plannly’s expansive marketplace of providers, access to lifestyle spending accounts, and automatic claim reimbursements, employees are empowered with the ability to design fully customised packages. These packages are specifically tailored to cater to individual health and well-being requirements, a game changer in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Startups such as Plannly are using AI and Machine Learning to redefine employee well-being and benefits administration.
  • Plannly’s services go beyond traditional health benefits, offering customised packages, lifestyle accounts and automatic claim reimbursements.
  • With its focus on employee autonomy and tailored well-being packages, Plannly stands out in the benefits administration industry.

What allows Plannly to differentiate itself in an ever-evolving market is its innovative approach to employee well-being. Going beyond traditional benefits, Plannly utilizes AI to streamline and personalise benefits administration for each employee. This AI driven model allows for a responsive and real-time adjustment to benefits, setting it apart from other static, one-size-fits-all models. This differentiation is not only a factor of convenience and personalisation, but also offers significant cost-savings for employers.

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Plannly was founded by Alisha and Earl Harris, whose commitment to optimizing individual health and well-being reflects in the product they’ve built. As a recent Techstars Accelerator graduate company, Plannly embodies a larger narrative of technology finding meaningful applications in the well-being space.

Looking into the future, Plannly is set to be a flagship illustration of how AI can be effectively integrated into employee benefits administration. The startup’s extensive utilization of AI positions it to be a significant disruptor in the Benefits Administration sector, and given the shift towards personalization and convenience in the workplace, the startup is on a clear growth trajectory.

As a hub of innovation and convenience in the modern workforce, Plannly is well aligned with the needs of today’s employees and employers alike. Engage with Plannly to stay updated and become a part of the benefits revolution today. Check out their website, or connect via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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