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Is Affiliate Marketing Revolutionising E-Commerce and Fintech with Cashback Reward Systems?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ayykori is the first cashback site in Bangladesh, revolutionising e-commerce and fintech with its unique affiliate marketing approach.
  • The platform allows users to save money on a wide range of goods while also earning cash by sharing brand deals with their network.
  • The startup is meeting the demand for money-saving solutions in today’s economic landscape.
  • Ayykori’s service stands out for the dual benefit it offers users – cashback and added income.
  • The startup is growing, constantly updating its platform with new brands and deals for the benefit of users.


The interface of e-commerce, fintech and affiliate marketing is seeing an upsurge in innovative solutions aimed at optimising the end-user’s experience. One such innovative and promising startup that is making waves is Ayykori. Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Ayykori has emerged as the region’s first cashback site, presenting a fresh approach to e-commerce and financial technology. By combining affiliate marketing with a cash-back reward system, it has managed to create a unique service that not only benefits the consumer but also involves them in sharing brand deals with their network.

Ayykori is committed to helping consumers save money and offers them a unique opportunity to earn back their expenditure. The platform has been designed to provide a user-friendly shopping experience while allowing users to take advantage of a variety of offers and deals from different brands. The startup’s unique business model and its operation in a steadily growing fintech and e-commerce market makes it a worthwhile case study to explore.

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What Sets Ayykori Apart:

What differentiates Ayykori from other e-commerce and fintech platforms is its innovative cashback system that equally benefits shoppers and brands. This startup is allowing consumers to earn money while they shop by harnessing the power of affiliate marketing. This unique blend of saving money and earning cash provides users with valuable financial breathing space in an increasingly challenging economic environment.

Ayykori has successfully created a platform where anyone can earn money by sharing brand deals within their network. This unique strategy not only leads to more awareness and sales for the brands but also serves as an added source of income for the users. This dual benefit has helped Ayykori distinguish itself as a unique player in the fintech and e-commerce market in Bangladesh.

Future of Ayykori:

Ayykori’s growth potential is significant given the increasing importance of cashback services across the e-commerce industry. The company’s dedication, focus, and steadfast approach towards delivering a rewarding shopping experience have garnered significant attention. As the startup expands its brand list and offers more deals, shoppers will be increasingly attracted to the platform.

With a firm foundation and a thought-out growth plan, Ayykori is well-positioned to transform the e-commerce and fintech landscapes in Bangladesh. As consumers continue to eye cash-saving methods, the company’s offering holds strong prospects. For more information, visit them at their website or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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