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How is Tech Pioneering Global ESG Accounting & Consulting Practices?

Decoding the complex and ever-evolving landscape of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) accounting and consulting requires in-depth expertise and the efficient utilization of technology. Uniqus Consultech, a Mumbai-based start-up, is doing exactly this, pioneering scalable solutions and helping businesses across the globe distinguish their ESG practices, leveraging tech innovations. This article delves into how Uniqus Consultech is revolutionising ESG accounting and consulting through technology:

  • Key takeaways:
    • Uniqus Consultech is leading global ESG accounting practice through tech innovations.
    • The startup provides end-to-end ESG solutions, including strategy, reporting frameworks, and implementation support.
    • Its differential lies in integrating technology and employing a cloud delivery model to serve clients anywhere.
    • On the horizon is an increasing global demand for ESG specialists, a field in which Uniqus Consultech is well placed to excel and grow.

In an era marked by uncertainty and accelerated digital transformation, Uniqus Consultech has arisen as a bright beacon, reshaping the global ESG landscape. Founded by Jamil Khatri and Sandip Khetan, Uniqus is more than a consultancy firm. It is an enabler, utilising technology to offer ESG accounting and reporting consulting services on a global scale. They have set new standards of efficiency and visibility in accounting practices.

Displacement in the consulting industry has been significant, with several incumbents struggling to meet evolving customer demands. Uniqus Consultech, however, has emerged as a pioneer, bridging the gap between complex accounting practices and the need for transparency, sustainability, and socially-responsible investing.

What distinguishes Uniqus Consultech in a saturated market is their unique approach to ESG consulting. Utilising a technology-based model, it caters to clients irrespective of geographical boundaries. This cloud delivery model integrates advanced tech tools to efficiently handle diverse ESG requirements, including overall ESG strategy, climate action goals, global and Indian reporting frameworks, and implementation support. Uniqus is, therefore, enabling a much-needed shift towards digitization in the ESG accounting segment.

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Moreover, Uniqus Consultech is backed by a team with extensive hands-on experience in ESG consulting. Their deep understanding of global and Indian reporting frameworks allows them to offer clients bespoke services that meet the unique requirements of their business, forecast trends, and anticipate regulatory changes.

Looking to the future, Uniqus Consultech is in a prime position to shape the global ESG space further. As investor focus increasingly shifts towards ESG compliance and reporting, the demand for specialists in this area is likely to surge. Central to their growth strategy, Uniqus Consultech plans to continue leveraging technology to meet the growing demand for ESG services, and diffuse transparency and sustainability in the corporate landscape.

Get in touch with Uniqus Consultech on their website, or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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