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Exploring Norwich’s Dynamic Insurance Industry: 15 Companies Driving Innovation


Norwich, a bustling city in Norfolk, United Kingdom, boasts a vibrant and evolving insurance industry. In this article, we explore the dynamic landscape of Norwich’s insurance sector and highlight 15 remarkable companies that are reshaping the industry with their innovative approaches. From insurtech pioneers to expert brokers, these companies cater to diverse needs and provide specialized services. Join us as we uncover Norwich’s thriving insurance scene and witness the transformation of this vital sector.


Specialist Insurance for the Sharing Economy and “On Demand” Economy Pikl stands out for its provision of specialist insurance designed for the rapidly growing sharing economy and “on-demand” economy. By addressing the unique risks associated with these sectors, Pikl enables individuals and businesses to operate confidently in this evolving landscape.


Leading Claims Handling Providers Coplus plays a pivotal role as one of the top providers of motor, legal, and property claims handling services. Their expertise in managing claims efficiently ensures fair and smooth processes for insurance claimants.

Somerville Group:

Underwriting, Broking, and Advisory Services Specializing in underwriting, broking, and advisory services, Somerville Group offers valuable insights and support to individuals and businesses seeking insurance solutions. Their comprehensive knowledge and experience make them a trusted partner in the industry.

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Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers:

Insurance Brokerage and Financial Advice With a focus on insurance brokerage, Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers offers a range of services tailored to meet diverse client needs. In addition to insurance solutions, they provide sound financial advice to their customers.

InsurTech Digital:

Covering Insurance Technology and Digital Strategy InsurTech Digital is an online platform that keeps readers updated on the latest developments in insurance technology, regtech, digital strategy, and artificial intelligence. Their articles and analysis provide insights into the transformative trends shaping the insurance industry.

Drayton Insurance Services:

Comprehensive Commercial, Personal, and Home Insurance Drayton Insurance Services specializes in commercial, personal, and home insurance, offering a wide range of coverage options to individuals and businesses. Their aim is to provide comprehensive protection against various risks.

Countrywide Legal Indemnities:

Bespoke Legal Protection Insurance Solutions Countrywide Legal Indemnities assists underwriters by providing tailored legal protection insurance solutions for residential and commercial properties. Their expertise in this niche area ensures peace of mind for property owners and insurers alike.

One Broker:

Independent Insurance Broking Services One Broker is known for providing independent insurance broking services to businesses and individuals. Their commitment to personalized solutions and exceptional customer service sets them apart in the industry.

Soter Professional Services:

Specializing in Insurance, Brokerage, and Affinity Markets Soter Professional Services focuses on commercial financial services, offering specialized solutions in insurance, brokerage, and affinity markets. They cater to the unique needs of various sectors within the industry.

Hugh J Boswell:

Expertise in Insurance, Risk Management, and Financial Services Hugh J Boswell specializes in insurance, risk management, and financial services. Their extensive knowledge and experience make them a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive coverage and risk mitigation strategies.

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Corporate Financial Advisory Services Penvest provides corporate financial advisory services, including group pensions, healthcare, insurance, and assurance plans. Their expertise assists businesses in making informed financial decisions and securing the best insurance options.

AUA Insurance:

Insurance and Advisory Service Provider AUA Insurance offers insurance and advisory services to meet the diverse needs of their clients. With their expertise in the industry, they provide valuable guidance and solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Premier Financial Group:

Comprehensive Financial Advisory Services Premier Financial Group is a financial advisory firm that offers a wide range of services, including mortgages, insurance, wills, pensions, and investments. Their holistic approach helps clients achieve their financial goals.

NDI Insurance & Reinsurance:

Specialized Insurance Services NDI Insurance & Reinsurance specializes in providing insurance services across various sectors, including aviation, commercial, cyber, liability, marine, fine art, and transportation. Their expertise ensures comprehensive coverage for specific industry needs.

Boon Brokers:

Mortgage and Insurance Brokerage Boon Brokers is a trusted mortgage and insurance brokerage company, assisting clients in finding the best mortgage and insurance options. Their expertise in these areas helps clients make informed decisions.


Norwich’s insurance industry is teeming with innovation and expertise, as demonstrated by these 15 remarkable companies. From catering to the unique needs of the sharing economy to providing comprehensive insurance coverage and specialized services, these companies are transforming the landscape of insurance in Norwich. As the industry continues to evolve, Norwich remains at the forefront, with these companies leading the way in driving innovation and providing top-notch services to individuals and businesses alike.

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