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Company Showcase: The Diversity VC Standard

Revolutionizing the VC Landscape through Inclusion and Best Practices


In the fast-paced world of venture capital (VC), a groundbreaking startup is reshaping the industry by setting a new standard for diversity and inclusion. The Diversity VC Standard, a pioneering assessment and certification process, is transforming the way VC firms operate. By promoting best practices and fostering an inclusive environment, this startup is championing underrepresented founders and ensuring that the VC ecosystem becomes more accessible and equitable for all.

Setting a Benchmark for Best Practice:

The Diversity VC Standard serves as a benchmark for VC firms seeking to evaluate and improve their diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices. By going through a comprehensive assessment process, firms gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to implement targeted improvements. This assessment combines both technological and human elements to provide a holistic evaluation of a firm’s D&I efforts, ultimately promoting transparency and accountability within the industry.

Empowering Underrepresented Founders:

Launched on September 9th, 2020, The Diversity VC Standard was pioneered by 15 leading funds across Europe and Canada. Its primary goal is to empower underrepresented founders by facilitating greater access to funding opportunities. By adopting the Diversity VC Standard, firms signal their commitment to inclusivity, which in turn encourages a more diverse range of entrepreneurs to engage with venture capitalists. This creates a positive feedback loop that fosters innovation and growth among previously overlooked communities.

Cultivating a Welcoming Environment:

In addition to fostering access to funding, The Diversity VC Standard also equips VC firms with the resources they need to cultivate an environment where founders and colleagues from all backgrounds feel they belong. By providing recommended practices and guidance, the startup supports firms in building inclusive cultures that value diverse perspectives. This approach not only benefits underrepresented founders but also enhances the overall performance and competitiveness of the VC industry.

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Driving Industry Transformation:

The impact of The Diversity VC Standard extends beyond individual firms. By championing best D&I practices, this startup is driving a broader industry transformation. Its certification process serves as a powerful signal to the ecosystem, enabling potential investors and entrepreneurs to identify funds that actively promote diversity and inclusion. This encourages a virtuous cycle where more firms align with these principles, fostering a thriving ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of a diverse range of talents and ideas.


The Diversity VC Standard is revolutionizing the world of venture capital by promoting diversity, inclusion, and best practices. By providing a comprehensive assessment and certification process, this startup enables VC firms to evaluate and improve their D&I efforts, creating a more equitable playing field for underrepresented founders. Through its visionary approach, The Diversity VC Standard is reshaping the industry, driving a transformative shift towards a more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous future.

Website: https://www.diversity.vc/the-diversity-vc-standard/

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