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Company Showcase: TDK Ventures

In the fast-paced world of technology, where innovation is the driving force, TDK Ventures emerges as a prominent player in the venture capital landscape. As the corporate VC arm of TDK Corporations, TDK Ventures is on a mission to invest globally in hard-tech entrepreneurs who are leveraging fundamental material science to unlock a brighter and more sustainable future for the world. With a legacy dating back to 1935, TDK Ventures brings decades of expertise and a passion for solving the hardest problems in the tech industry. This startup showcase dives into the world of TDK Ventures and its remarkable journey towards shaping the future.

Unleashing the Power of Material Science

At the heart of TDK Ventures lies a profound belief in the power of material science. By investing in seed to B-round startups, TDK Ventures aims to foster innovation in various sectors, including Health & Wellness, next-generation Transportation, Robotics & Industrial, Mixed Reality, and the wider IoT market segments. With a focus on dielectrics, magnetics, MEMS, neuro-electricals, organic materials, piezoelectrics, semiconductors, and other groundbreaking materials, TDK Ventures thrives on tackling the toughest challenges to drive meaningful change.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

TDK Ventures envisions a sustainable world where digital and energy transformation can improve billions of lives. With this idealism as their guiding principle, the company is committed to accelerating the learnings and contributions to society by investing in startups that share a similar vision. By identifying and supporting early-stage technology companies, TDK Ventures plays a pivotal role in nurturing groundbreaking ideas and turning them into tangible solutions that address the pressing needs of our time.

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Pioneering Innovation Since 1935

With a legacy that spans over eight decades, TDK Ventures brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. The company’s rich history, coupled with a global network of innovation partners, allows them to tackle the most complex challenges with confidence. By building on their proven track record of solving intricate problems, TDK Ventures embraces the ever-evolving technological landscape and remains at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions.


TDK Ventures, based in the heart of San Jose, California, embodies the spirit of innovation and sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to shaping a better future, TDK Ventures continues to invest in hard-tech entrepreneurs who harness the power of material science to create groundbreaking solutions. By focusing on key sectors such as Health & Wellness, next-generation Transportation, Robotics & Industrial, Mixed Reality, and the wider IoT market segments, TDK Ventures pioneers the path towards a brighter and more sustainable world.

Website: http://www.tdk-ventures.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TDKVentures

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