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Company Showcase: SplitGenie – Revolutionizing Group Subscriptions and Payment Solutions

Are you tired of having to pay for multiple digital subscriptions every month, leaving a big hole in your pocket? Do you find it challenging to share subscriptions with others, given the insecurity about payment and credential security? SplitGenie, a fintech startup based in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, India, is here to revolutionize the shared economy model by developing multi-party payment solutions that allow as many people as possible to share their recurring costs efficiently.

Fighting Subscription Fatigue

SplitGenie’s mission is to fight Subscription Fatigue, a growing problem where consumers who intend on subscribing to a new digital service will downgrade or terminate their current subscriptions to make room for a new one. SplitGenie’s goal is to increase the purchasing power of consumers and improve their access to media and services with innovative payment solutions.

Efficient Sharing of Group Subscriptions

SplitGenie offers an all-in-one solution to share group subscription plans, split costs, and save up to 80% on all digital services. With over 90 digital services listed, SplitGenie makes it easy for subscribers to share these recurring fees. No need to ask for reimbursements every month or find yourself alone paying the costs; just describe the subscription to get a link and send it to your co-subscribers. SplitGenie will debit their payment card for the agreed amount when the subscription expires.

Secure Digital Wallet and Group Chat

SplitGenie allows users to save time and money by making it easy to share expenses and find the right people to share with. Users can share costs using a digital wallet, which is safe and secure. The platform also has a group chat feature, which improves communication among users. Users can complete a sharing group in a few hours by having a network of trustworthy and reliable people ready to share with, thus saving everyone money.

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Investment Opportunities

SplitGenie is an excellent investment opportunity for investors looking for a startup in the fintech industry. The startup has already gained traction and has been featured in several reputable publications, including Startup.info, Fintechnews.sg, and YourStory.

Final Thoughts

SplitGenie is revolutionizing group subscriptions and payment solutions with its all-in-one platform that allows users to share costs, save money, and improve their access to media and services. With its secure digital wallet and group chat feature, SplitGenie offers a safe and efficient way to share expenses. The platform’s mission to fight Subscription Fatigue and increase the purchasing power of consumers makes it an innovative startup in the fintech industry.

Website: https://splitgenie.com/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/splitgenie/

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