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Company Showcase: R-Squared Ventures – Supporting the Future of Entrepreneurship

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the startup scene is booming with new and innovative ideas. However, many of these companies struggle to secure funding or support to turn their ideas into reality. That’s where R-Squared Ventures comes in, providing angel fund investments and extensive support for entrepreneurs in a range of industries.

Who is R-Squared Ventures?

R-Squared Ventures is an angel fund located in Los Altos, California, founded by two experienced corporate executives, Roy Saar and Roy Bahat. The name R-Squared comes from the mathematical model used to predict future outcomes, highlighting the company’s emphasis on investing in startups with a clear vision and defensible solution.

As operators, the founders of R-Squared Ventures have firsthand experience as entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs who have started, scaled, and sold successful startups. With over two dozen personal investments in startups, they are now backed by over three dozen top entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and investors in Silicon Valley and Israel. These limited partners (LPs) provide additional experience, networks, and support to the companies R-Squared Ventures backs.

What does R-Squared Ventures invest in?

R-Squared Ventures is primarily focused on fintech, enterprise/SMB SaaS, marketplaces, and digital commerce, though they have also invested in other categories, such as B2C companies, gaming, AgTech, and more. The key factor for R-Squared Ventures is supporting strong founders who have the drive, passion, and ability to execute on a real problem in a sizable market with a big vision and a defensible solution.

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How does R-Squared Ventures support its portfolio companies?

R-Squared Ventures takes a hands-on approach to supporting its portfolio companies, offering much more than just financial investment. The company’s LPs bring expertise, networks, and support to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. R-Squared Ventures also provides access to a broad range of resources, including marketing and public relations, talent acquisition, and operational support.

In addition, R-Squared Ventures has built a community of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors to share knowledge and support each other. Through events, online communities, and other initiatives, R-Squared Ventures aims to create a collaborative environment where startups can thrive.


R-Squared Ventures is a startup that understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and offers both financial investment and extensive support to help them succeed. With its emphasis on strong founders and clear visions, R-Squared Ventures is well-positioned to support the future of entrepreneurship.

Website: https://www.r2v.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/r2ventures

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/r2ventures/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/r-squared-ventures

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