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Company Showcase: Patent Finance Pty Ltd – Leveraging Patents into Financing

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, companies are increasingly looking to leverage their intellectual property (IP) to secure financing. This is where Patent Finance Pty Ltd comes in. Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Patent Finance is an independent consultancy specialising in Intellectual Property Strategy, IP Valuation, and IP Financing. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Patent Finance and how they help businesses use their patents to secure financing.

Building an IP Strategy for Start-ups

One of the key services offered by Patent Finance is helping start-ups with a small, or without an, IP portfolio build an IP Strategy and plan a future portfolio. For many start-ups, securing financing can be challenging, particularly if they don’t have a strong IP portfolio to leverage. Patent Finance can help start-ups to identify potential patentable assets and build a comprehensive IP strategy to help them secure financing.

Refining IP Strategy for Established Enterprises

Patent Finance also provides established enterprises with an existing IP portfolio expertise in refining their IP Strategy. Many companies have an IP portfolio but are not maximising its potential. Patent Finance can help these companies to identify gaps in their IP portfolio and develop a comprehensive IP strategy to help them secure financing or increase the value of their existing IP assets.

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IP Valuation Assessment

One of the key services offered by Patent Finance is an IP Valuation assessment that helps in securing finance to meet your company’s needs. The IP Valuation assessment requires a review of the scope of the portfolio, an assessment of the competitive landscape, and a development of an IP Commercialisation plan, built on the fact that an asset value is only realised when the asset is being commercialised. This assessment helps companies to understand the value of their IP assets and develop a strategy to monetise them.

Collaboration with BlueIron IP, LLC and iFin Capital Group Pty Ltd

Patent Finance is collaborating with US-based BlueIron IP, LLC in their IP Strategy and IP Valuation services. BlueIron IP provides a unique financing solution that allows companies to leverage their patents without losing control of their IP. This partnership allows Patent Finance to provide their clients with access to a broader range of financing options. Using the above IP Strategy and IP Valuation, Patent Finance works with their partner, iFin Capital Group Pty Ltd, to seek suitable finance terms to meet their clients’ desired goals. Whether that is funds to meet ongoing patent costs, capital for further R&D and IP generation, or broader business expansion, using the patent portfolio as collateral.


In conclusion, Patent Finance Pty Ltd provides a range of services to help businesses leverage their IP to secure financing. Whether you’re a start-up looking to build an IP portfolio or an established enterprise looking to maximise the value of your existing IP assets, Patent Finance can help. With their expertise in IP Strategy, IP Valuation, and IP Financing, Patent Finance can help you develop a comprehensive plan to monetise your IP assets and secure the financing you need to grow your business.

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Website :https://www.patentfinance.com.au/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/patent-finance.

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