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Company Showcase: Origin Capital – Specialised VC Fund Management in Singapore

In the fast-paced world of venture capital, startups need more than just capital to succeed. They need smart capital that comes with deep industry expertise, networking, and guidance. Origin Capital Management Pte Ltd (“Origin Capital”) is one such specialised venture capital fund manager based in Singapore. In this startup showcase, we will explore the services offered by Origin Capital, its focus sectors, and the unique value proposition it brings to the table.

Asia’s First Few Specialist VC Fund Managers

Origin Capital is amongst Asia’s first few specialist VC fund managers focused on niche VC strategies and sectors. The company’s rigorous approach to industry specialisation enables it to cater to the growing needs of startups seeking smart capital. With a focus on sectors such as Trade, Logistics and B2B Fintech, Asia Sustainability and Impact, and F&B, Nutrition and Foodtech, Origin Capital brings deep sectoral expertise to the table, enabling it to fast-track a firm’s minimum viable product (MVP) to commercialisation.

Aims to Sharpen Investee Firm’s Potential for an Exit

Origin Capital’s specialised investment fund approach sharpens an investee firm’s potential for an exit via an M&A or trade sale. By investing in startups with a clear exit strategy in mind, Origin Capital ensures that it not only provides capital but also guidance on how to reach the next level. This approach is well-suited for startups seeking not just capital but smart capital that can help them achieve their business goals.

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Addresses the Needs of LPs, Family Offices, and VC Investors

As VC investing becomes more mainstream, the profile of VC investors has evolved. They comprise former successful founders/entrepreneurs, prominent corporate professionals, or family offices led by 2nd/3rd generation wealth. Origin Capital’s specialised investment fund approach addresses the increasingly sophisticated needs of LPs, family offices, and VC investors. By providing deep sectoral expertise and guidance, Origin Capital enables its investors to play an activist role in the VC fund as an investment committee member or on the boards of the VC-backed firm.

Regulated by Singapore’s Monetary Authority of Singapore

Origin Capital is regulated under Singapore’s Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct the regulated activity of fund management. As a holder of a Capital Markets Service (“CMS”) license, Origin Capital is committed to providing its investors with the highest level of service and compliance. This regulatory oversight enables investors to have confidence in Origin Capital’s ability to manage their investments professionally and ethically.


Origin Capital Management Pte Ltd is amongst Asia’s first few specialist VC fund managers focused on niche VC strategies and sectors. With its deep sectoral expertise, guidance, and networking capabilities, Origin Capital provides smart capital to startups seeking to achieve their business goals. For investors seeking to play an activist role in the VC fund, Origin Capital offers a unique value proposition that addresses their increasingly sophisticated needs.

Website: http://origincapital.vc/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/origin-capital-singapore

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