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Company Showcase: Nuvestan – Helping You Visualize Your Spending Habits and Invest in Your Future

As the saying goes, “money talks.” Yet, most people do not pay attention to what their money is saying. They make purchases, big or small, without considering the potential value of that money if it was invested in the stock market. This is where Nuvestan comes in. Nuvestan is a financial visualization tool that helps you be aware of the actual value of your purchases within a given time. With Nuvestan, you can compare the worth of your spending habits to the same cash if invested in stocks and ETFs at that time.

The Need for Financial Visualization

According to Pew Research, only 52% of families making a median income of $40,000 invest in the stock market directly or indirectly. In contrast, 88% of families that make $100,000 or more invest in the stock market. The reason for this disparity is not that people making less money cannot invest in the stock market, but rather that they lack the awareness and knowledge of how much money they can actually save by investing. This is where Nuvestan can help. By visualizing the potential value of your spending habits, Nuvestan can encourage you to invest more and make better financial decisions.

How Nuvestan Works

Nuvestan takes into account your spending habits, and using real-time stock market data, calculates the value of your potential investments. By inputting your purchases and expenses, Nuvestan shows you the real-time value of those expenses if you had invested that money instead. For example, if you buy a $4 cup of coffee three days a week, those purchases add up not only because of the money you spent, but also the potential money you missed out on in the stock market. Nuvestan will show you how those $4 purchases would have been worth if you used that money in the stock market instead of on that very day.

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The Benefits of Using Nuvestan

Nuvestan helps you visualize your spending habits, empowering you to make better financial decisions. It can help you:

  • Stay on top of your budget: Nuvestan takes budgeting to a whole new level. Instead of just telling you if you’ve exceeded your budget, Nuvestan shows you how much money you could have saved if you invested that money instead.
  • Invest more: By showing you the potential value of your spending habits, Nuvestan encourages you to invest more and make better financial decisions.
  • Plan for the future: With Nuvestan, you can see the potential value of your investments over time. This can help you plan for your future and make smarter financial decisions.


Nuvestan is a startup that is revolutionizing the way people think about their spending habits. By visualizing the potential value of your expenses, Nuvestan empowers you to make better financial decisions and invest more in your future. With Nuvestan, you can compare the worth of your spending habits to the same cash if invested in stocks and ETFs at that time. It’s time to pay attention to what your money is saying and invest in your future with Nuvestan.

Website: https://www.nuvestan.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nuvestan_inc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nuvestan/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nuvestan/

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