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Company Showcase: Nathita Consultancy Services – Facilitating Finance in the Supply Chain

Nathita Consultancy Services Private Limited is a non-recourse funding startup based in Bangalore, India. Nathita offers a low-cost and practical solution for facilitating finance in the supply chain industries. In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at Nathita and how it is helping exporters and buyers improve their cash flow, productivity, and growth.

Liquidity Solutions for Exporters

One of the key services offered by Nathita is liquidity solutions for exporters. Nathita understands that emerging market exporters often face liquidity squeeze and cash flow problems when suppliers demand advance cash payments, bank guarantees, or LCs. To help exporters overcome these challenges, Nathita offers liquidity solutions that boost their cash flow, productivity, and maximize growth. Nathita offers faster, simpler, and cost-effective solutions compared to banks and other financial institutions.

Supporting International Buyers

In addition to its support for exporters, Nathita also offers solutions for international buyers. Nathita’s solutions open up enormous opportunities for buyers, reducing operational costs without pressure on banking lines, financial covenants, or production and sourcing departments. Nathita’s pre-shipment and post-shipment financing options are carefully devised to the supplier’s prerequisite and plug the gaps in the domestic and international markets emergent as an outcome of key global development.

Pre-Shipment Finance

Nathita’s pre-shipment finance is provided to the supplier for sourcing, manufacture, or conversion of materials into finished goods that are then delivered to a buyer. Upon receipt of an irrevocable purchase order from a buyer, Nathita facilitates a letter of credit to the supplier, which can be monetized for funds to complete the order. At shipment, Nathita facilitates to purchase the invoices up to 100% of its value less the cost of discount charges. The buyer pays Nathita later at the invoice due date. Pre-shipment financing can be used in combination with Nathita’s account receivables finance program to support the whole supply chain.

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Empowering Emerging Markets

Nathita’s focus on facilitating finance in the supply chain is empowering emerging markets by providing access to liquidity solutions that boost cash flow, productivity, and growth. By offering faster, simpler, and cost-effective solutions compared to banks and other financial institutions, Nathita is making it easier for exporters and buyers to do business and achieve their goals.


Nathita Consultancy Services Private Limited is a startup that is making a difference in the supply chain industry. With its focus on facilitating finance for exporters and supporting international buyers, Nathita is helping businesses improve their cash flow, productivity, and growth. Nathita’s solutions are faster, simpler, and cost-effective compared to banks and other financial institutions, making it easier for businesses to achieve their goals.

Website: https://www.nathita.com/

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