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Company Showcase: LoanGuys.com – The Nationwide Mortgage Leader

Providing Private Money Loans and Conventional Home Loans for over 30 years

LoanGuys.com is a Los Angeles-based mortgage lending company that has been providing real estate financing solutions for over 30 years. With a team of experts who have funded thousands of loans, LoanGuys.com has become a top choice for those looking for both Private Money Loans and Conventional Home Loans. They pride themselves on their ability to secure deals that traditional banks may not consider, making them the go-to lender for those who need funding for big or small real estate projects.

No Experience Required Lender

One of the unique selling points of LoanGuys.com is that they are a no experience required lender. This means that borrowers don’t need to have 2-3 successful deals under their belt just to qualify for a loan. This is a huge advantage for those who are just starting out in the real estate industry, as it can be difficult to get funding from traditional banks without a proven track record.

LoanGuys.com also provides financing for a wide range of properties, including residential 1-4 units, multi-family properties, and commercial properties. This flexibility allows borrowers to find the right loan for their specific needs.

Three Main Services

LoanGuys.com offers three main services: Rental Property Financing, Fix and Flip Financing, and Bridge Loan Financing. Each of these services is designed to meet the specific needs of borrowers.

Rental Property Financing: This service is ideal for those who are looking to purchase or refinance a rental property. LoanGuys.com offers financing for up to 80% of the property value, and borrowers can choose from a variety of loan options.

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Fix and Flip Financing: This service is designed for those who are looking to purchase a property, renovate it, and then sell it for a profit. LoanGuys.com offers financing for up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the renovation costs.

Bridge Loan Financing: This service is ideal for those who need short-term financing to bridge the gap between buying a new property and selling an existing one. LoanGuys.com offers financing for up to 70% of the property value.

Wholesale Channel for Brokers

LoanGuys.com also offers a wholesale channel for brokers. The online broker portal is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing brokers to upload conditions and relevant documents quickly and easily. Brokers can rest assured that they are always protected when working with LoanGuys.com.

Fast Funding

One of the advantages of working with LoanGuys.com is that they can fund a loan in as quickly as 5-7 business days. This allows brokers to generate new business quickly and efficiently.

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

LoanGuys.com has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints. This is a testament to their commitment to providing excellent customer service and their dedication to helping their borrowers achieve their real estate goals.

In conclusion, LoanGuys.com is an excellent choice for those looking for real estate financing solutions. With their team of experts, flexible loan options, and fast funding, they are the go-to lender for both experienced and inexperienced borrowers. Explore their website to learn more about their services and get pre-approved for a loan today!

Website: https://loanguys.com/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/loanguys_com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loanguyss

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/74336462/admin/

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Explore:  Exploring Nottinghamshire's Financial Services Landscape: 15 Companies to Watch

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