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Company Showcase: Konzortia Capital Inc – Revolutionizing VC/PE Deal-Sourcing and Funding Opportunities

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, finance and investment industries have undergone a significant transformation. The introduction of technology has revolutionized these industries, and many startups are emerging to leverage the advantages of technological innovations to provide solutions to long-standing problems. One such startup is Konzortia Capital Inc, a FinTech consortium based in New York, providing VC/PE deal-sourcing for investors and funding opportunities for companies.

Konzortia Capital’s Unique Value Proposition

Konzortia Capital Inc is a FinTech consortium that sources, matches, and exits deals for investors in the private markets sector. The company’s unique value proposition is to reduce investor risk by eliminating the uncertainty of non-operational early-stage companies and ensuring market fit within modest valuations. By using the latest technology, Konzortia Capital aims to transform the way investors and companies interact with one another.

Effortless Deal Sourcing Through DLT and IP

Konzortia Capital provides effortless deal sourcing through its Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Intellectual Property (IP). By using DLT, Konzortia Capital ensures that transactions are transparent, secure, and clear in real-time. Furthermore, its Intellectual Property allows the company to provide unmatched services to investors and companies.

Acquisition of Paraforge and AI/ML Technology

Konzortia Capital’s recent acquisition of Paraforge and its AI/ML technology has allowed the company to provide differentiated services and greater operational efficiency through its InvestHub platform for the needs of the Private Market sector. The InvestHUB platform leverages Paraforge, the company’s Artificial Intelligence technology, to marry large-volume data aggregation with Machine Learning (ML). This technology provides access to capital for established and early-stage companies in capital markets.

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InvestHub: A Global Platform Connecting Investors and Companies

InvestHub is Konzortia Capital’s global platform connecting investors and companies all over the world. It is the first mainstream platform to provide transactions for funding and exit strategies. With InvestHub, investors and companies have access to a platform that provides transparency, security, and real-time updates on all transactions.

In conclusion, Konzortia Capital Inc is a FinTech consortium that has leveraged the latest technology to provide solutions to long-standing problems in the finance and investment industries. By using DLT, IP, and AI/ML technology, Konzortia Capital has provided investors and companies with access to a platform that ensures transparency, security, and real-time updates on all transactions. Its unique value proposition reduces investor risk by eliminating the uncertainty of non-operational early-stage companies and ensuring market fit within modest valuations.

Website: https://konzortia.capital/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/konzortia_c?lang=es

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/konzortia/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/konzortiacapital/

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