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Company Showcase: GajiGesa – Empowering Financial Wellness for Indonesian Workers

Indonesia’s economic growth in recent years has brought more job opportunities, but it has also come with financial challenges for many hardworking Indonesians. Despite the high level of employment, financial insecurity remains a significant issue, with many people struggling to make ends meet. However, GajiGesa is changing the game by providing a powerful financial wellness platform that helps Indonesian workers achieve financial dignity and security from their work.

Introducing GajiGesa

GajiGesa is a fintech startup based in Jakarta that provides financial wellness services to employees through its app. Its name comes from the Indonesian words “gaji,” which means salary, and “gesa,” which means urgent or quickly. GajiGesa’s services are designed to help employees take control of their finances and access their wages quickly, without resorting to informal lenders that charge high-interest rates.

GajiGesa’s services

GajiGesa’s app provides employees with several financial management tools, including earned wage access (EWA), financial education, and budgeting tools. The EWA feature allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before payday, which can be a game-changer for those who need money for emergencies or unexpected expenses. Financial education and budgeting tools help employees understand their financial situation better and make more informed financial decisions.

Enterprise-grade HR analytics platform

GajiGesa is not only helping employees but also their employers. Its enterprise-grade HR analytics platform helps employers reduce financial stress among their employees and improve their overall financial well-being. Employers can monitor their employees’ financial wellness through the app and identify areas where they need to offer support. This, in turn, can improve employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

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GajiTim: Southeast Asia’s first employee management app

In May 2021, GajiGesa launched GajiTim, Southeast Asia’s first employee management app for MSMEs and SMEs. The app helps businesses with between 5 to 100 workers manage their workforce more efficiently, bringing transparency to income tracking and salary calculation. With over 50,000 active users since its launch, GajiTim is set to become a significant player in the Southeast Asian business market.

Company Growth

Since its launch in 2020, GajiGesa has seen a 12x growth rate, and it has doubled its overall enterprise customer base in the last quarter. The company partners with over 60 companies, serving tens of thousands of employees, and is increasingly popular among those who have micro-businesses at home. The app’s EWA feature has helped over 75% of employees who partner with GajiGesa stop using informal lenders for short-term needs, providing them with the financial security they need under the purview of their employers.


GajiGesa was founded by Martyna Malinowska and Vidit Agarwal, who have an impressive track record in the financial industry. Malinowska was formerly a Product Lead at Standard Chartered Bank and a Product Director at LenddoEFL. Agarwal was previously the Head of Business Development APAC at Stripe, COO at CARRO, and the first employee at Uber in Asia.


GajiGesa is a company that is changing the financial landscape in Indonesia by providing financial wellness services to employees and employers. Its app’s features, including earned wage access, financial education, and budgeting tools, are empowering Indonesian workers to take control of their finances and achieve financial dignity and security. The launch of GajiTim and the recent growth rounds are exciting developments for the company and a testament to its commitment to improving financial wellness in Indonesia.

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Website: https://gajigesa.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GajiGesa

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gaji-Gesa-107390441073927/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gajigesa/

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