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Company Showcase: F8th Inc. – Revolutionizing Biometric-Based MFA with Advanced Fraud Detection

In today’s digital age, securing personal and corporate data is of paramount importance. With cyber-attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, banks, governments, and corporations are looking for innovative solutions to safeguard their sensitive information. That’s where F8th Inc. comes in, a Toronto-based startup that is disrupting the market with its cutting-edge biometric-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution.

Introducing F8th Inc.

Established in 2019, F8th Inc. specializes in developing continuous authentication technologies that help organizations secure their data against the world’s biggest criminal growth industry – fraud. With the use of advanced machine learning algorithms, F8th Inc. has created a revolutionary Behavioural Biometric Analysis (BBA) based MFA solution that can identify users and fraudsters in real-time via hundreds of patterns, such as mouse, keyboard, and other inputs.

The company’s goal is to provide an alternative to organizations that offers an extra security layer against fraudulent activities, and in turn, makes the world a safer place to live. By developing advanced biometric component-based security systems with the highest sensitive data protection standards that enforce MFA adoption, F8th Inc. is helping banks, governments, and corporations prevent cyber-attacks and safeguard their sensitive information.

Revolutionizing the Market

F8th Inc. has partnered with IBM and Amazon to provide its revolutionary MFA solution to banks, governments, and corporations. The solution provides continuous authentication, which means it can reliably authenticate online users and track fraudsters in real-time. By using machine learning algorithms to analyze hundreds of patterns, F8th Inc. can identify fraudsters based on their behavior patterns and take immediate action to prevent the attack.

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The company’s innovative solution has been recognized by several organizations, including Welp Magazine, which listed F8th Inc. as the 7th best fraud detection startup company in Canada. It was also listed as the top 32 Canadian cybersecurity company in the Government of Canada Trade Commission e-book. Furthermore, the company’s CEO, Amir Mirhosseini, was selected as one of three cybersecurity experts to discuss the balance between cybersecurity and cyber insurance at the ConnecTechAsia 2020 conference.

Finalist for AI Company of the Year

F8th Inc.’s innovative solution has also earned it recognition as one of the top AI companies in Canada. In 2020, the company was selected as one of eight finalists who will pitch at the largest SaaS conference in Canada. Additionally, F8th Inc. was nominated for AI Company of the Year, highlighting its leadership in developing advanced machine learning algorithms for biometric-based MFA.


With cyber-attacks on the rise, F8th Inc.’s innovative solution is helping organizations secure their data against the world’s biggest criminal growth industry – fraud. The company’s cutting-edge biometric-based MFA solution, developed with the highest sensitive data protection standards, provides an extra security layer that enforces MFA adoption and prevents cyber-attacks. As a result, F8th Inc. is on the verge of fundamentally disrupting the market and making the world a safer place to live.

Website : https://www.f8th.ai/

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