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Company Showcase: CryptoSimple – Simplifying Crypto Investing for All

Bridging the Gap between Traditional and Crypto Investing: Discover CryptoSimple, the AMF-Registered Company Making Crypto Investing Accessible for All.

As the world is becoming more digital, cryptocurrency is gaining traction as an alternative investment option. However, the complexity of cryptocurrency can be a significant barrier to entry for many investors. CryptoSimple, a startup based in Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France, aims to make crypto investing simple, transparent, fearless, and accessible for everyone. In this startup showcase, we will explore how CryptoSimple is bridging the gap between traditional and crypto investing.

Transparent and Educational Approach

CryptoSimple believes that transparency and education are essential to demystify cryptocurrency for investors. The company offers an educational approach that helps users understand what they invest in, why they invest in it, and how to learn as they go. CryptoSimple’s experts provide guidance and advice to help users make informed decisions and stay up-to-date with the latest crypto trends. Their educational resources include webinars, tutorials, and research reports that cater to investors of all levels.

Fearless Investment with Robust Security

Security is paramount in cryptocurrency investing, and CryptoSimple is one of the first AMF-registered companies in Europe. The company provides robust security measures to ensure that investors’ money is safe and secure. CryptoSimple offers portfolio and risk-adjusted portfolio generation technology that caters to the needs of every investor. The company’s proprietary technology enables investors to customize their portfolios according to their risk tolerance and financial goals.

Accessible and Low-Cost Investing

CryptoSimple’s platform is user-friendly and accessible to all, regardless of whether they have prior experience in crypto investing or not. Investors can get started without needing a crypto wallet, and the company charges a low transparent management fee, with no hidden costs, deposit, withdrawal or gas fees. CryptoSimple also offers solutions across DeFi’s ecosystem, which allows users to earn interest, compounding round the clock.

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Moreover, CryptoSimple is introducing a robo-advisor solution that will enable investors to invest in a diversified crypto portfolio that caters to their financial goals and risk tolerance. The company combines blockchain technology with financial technology to offer portfolios that cater to every risk level, from conservative to aggressive investors. For instance, their conservative portfolio consists of 90% stable coins, offering 5% to 20% returns and minimal exposure to volatile coins.


CryptoSimple is simplifying crypto investing for everyone with its transparent and educational approach, robust security, and accessibility. The company’s mission is to make crypto investing transparent, fearless, and accessible, and they are doing it by bridging the gap between traditional and crypto investing. With its robo-advisor solution, CryptoSimple offers a user-friendly platform that caters to every investor’s risk level and financial goals. To learn more about CryptoSimple and their mission, visit their website or join their waitlist.

Website: https://cryptosimple.app

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptosimpleapp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptosimpleapp

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/71563781

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