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Company Showcase: Credia – Empowering Retailers and Service Providers with Credit Aggregation Platform

As the retail and service industry continues to evolve, businesses are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain customers. One such solution is offering point-of-sale financing options, which can increase sales and customer loyalty. However, managing credit offerings can be challenging for retailers and service providers, especially when they are dealing with multiple lenders. Enter Credia – a credit aggregation platform that streamlines the financing process, making it easy for businesses to offer financing options to their customers.

Introducing Credia

Based in Oradea, Bihor, Romania, Credia is a startup that offers a user-friendly platform for physical retailers and service providers to provide POS financing to their customers. The platform aggregates credit offerings from multiple lenders, making it easy for businesses to offer financing options to their customers without the hassle of managing multiple lenders. The platform is designed to increase sales, average ticket size, and customer satisfaction by increasing approval rates.

Empowering Retailers

Credia’s platform is a game-changer for retailers looking to offer financing options to their customers. By aggregating credit offerings from multiple lenders, retailers can increase the chances of customers getting approved for financing. This can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the platform allows retailers to create dedicated campaigns for end customers, making it easier to target specific segments of their customer base.

Service Providers

Credia also provides financing options to service providers, a segment that has traditionally been underserved in the financing space. By reducing the risk of client loss due to pricing concerns, Credia’s platform empowers service providers to offer financing options to their customers, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. The platform also allows service providers to create and use specific financing programs with existing lenders, further increasing the chances of customer approval.

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Partnering with Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions

In addition to empowering retailers and service providers, Credia’s platform also offers benefits to banks and non-banking financial institutions. For banks, the platform provides an opportunity to onboard new consumer and installment credit cards without requiring a lengthy contract with a large number of small retailers. The platform also allows banks to identify the right client for their product, micro-targeting and differentiation, and protecting their clients by identifying them at the purchase moment. For non-banking financial institutions, Credia offers access to a sizeable dispersed market difficult to target through traditional channels, an opportunity to develop custom products, and an independent platform allowing institutions to maximize their benefits, such as the speed of reply, branding, and more.


Credia’s credit aggregation platform is a game-changer for retailers, service providers, banks, and non-banking financial institutions. By streamlining the financing process, businesses can offer financing options to their customers without the hassle of managing multiple lenders. This can lead to increased sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. With Credia, businesses can focus on what they do best while providing their customers with an innovative financing solution.


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