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Can Unconventional High-Yield Instruments Revolutionise Fixed Income Investing?

Key Takeaways:

  • Altitude Club is emerging as a innovator in the finance and fintech industry with its offering of unconventional high-yield investment products.
  • The startup aims to extend beyond traditional fixed income investment options by infusing features such as diversification and early liquidity.
  • Altitude Club’s first Structured Investment Scheme, Altitude Prism Fund offers investment across asset classes like Real Estate, Private Credit, Litigation, Inventory & Revenue based Finance, Structured Notes, and Private Equity.
  • With a focus on revolutionising fixed income investing, the startup has a promising future and can alter the industry landscape.

Launched in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Altitude Club is not just another startup in the finance and fintech industry. It is executing a mission to create a whole new genre of high-yield investment products that starkly contrast the traditional fixed-income products. The founders have a vision to widen the fixed income horizon, going further than the traditional options of bonds, invoice discounting, or lease finance options that have been seen up until now.

At the core of the company’s operation is the development of high-yield instruments that don’t just promise exceptional returns on conventional assets, but also introduce features like diversification and early liquidity, making them more welcoming to global investors seeking to participate in India’s burgeoning financial market.

What differentiates Altitude Club from other platforms in the market is their unique approach to their product offerings. They are all set to debut on the National Stock Exchange with their first Structured Investment Scheme, the Altitude Prism Fund. This fund is a Multi-Asset fund that seeks to deliver profits to investors by investing across a gamut of asset classes like Real Estate, Private Credit, Litigation, Inventory & Revenue-based Finance, Structured Notes, and Private Equity, among others. This mix of asset classes creates a natural hedge against volatility, offering stability and attractive returns.

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The Altitude Prism Fund expands the opportunities for investors to earn income, combining a diversified multi-credit income portfolio into a single fund solution. Their approach eliminates the need for investors to chase multiple investment avenues for diversification, making it suitable for investors seeking a high-yield, low-risk investment avenue.

Looking at the future, Altitude Club is poising itself to mark a significant imprint on the fixed income investing landscape. The firm has not only managed to carve out a niche for themselves, but they’re also set to alter how investors perceive fixed income investing. By introducing new high-yield instruments along with diversification and liquid assets to their offerings, Altitude Club may indeed revolutionise the way fixed income investing is done.

The future looks promising for Altitude Club, and interested investors and finance professionals are encouraged to follow their journey. Connect with Altitude Club on their Twitter, LinkedIn and explore more about them at their official website.

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