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Can Fintech Apps Simplify Asset Management and Boost Personal Finance Goals?

Key Takeaways:

  • Rubarb is a personal finance solution app that caters to the majority of non-finance-savvy individuals.
  • The app allows users to save on large bills, set financial goals, and even direct their savings toward diversified and sustainable ETF portfolios.
  • Rubarb transforms the complicated world of asset management into a user-friendly platform that boosts personal finance goals.
  • Founded and developed in Hamburg, Germany, Rubarb showcases the potential and drive of European fintech startups.


Personal finance management often seems like a daunting task, especially for those who are not naturally attuned to the ebbs and flows of the financial markets. However, fintech startups like Rubarb are revolutionising the game, providing robust personal finance solutions that are designed to support their users’ financial goals effortlessly. In the face of increasingly digital lifestyles, Rubarb capitalises on the trend of managing money from the palm of your hand to bring finance management closer and more accessible to the common person.

Rubarb, based out of Hamburg, Germany, is overturning the traditional perception of asset management by integrating significant financial facets into one intuitive, user-friendly app. With features crafted to enable users to save on major bills, chart out financial ambitions, generate saving plans, Rubarb also invests the savings made into globally diversified and sustainable exchange-traded funds (ETF) portfolios.

What Makes Rubarb Unique?

One key differentiator for Rubarb lies in its holistic approach. While there are plenty of fintech apps that help track expenses or dedicate themselves to investments, few can claim to encompass both plus additional features so comprehensively. Rubarb facilitates both the tiny day-to-day transactions and the larger savings ambitions, making it an all-in-one platform for users who want to simplify their financial concerns.

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Rubarb consistently prioritises the user’s best interests, leveraging technology and financial expertise to demystify wealth management. Regular people can not only plan and save their money better but also grow it sustainably. The integration of sustainability-conscious portfolios is particularly striking, catering to the growing demographic of mindful investors who want their money to make a difference.

What Does The Future Hold?

The realm of fintech has never been more vibrant, and Rubarb has multiple opportunities to harness this expansive field. By continuing their strategic approach of simplifying personal finance and investing in sustainable portfolios, Rubarb can propel its growth further. Given the rising popularity and need for intuitive personal finance apps, Rubarb’s comprehensive, user-friendly, and sustainable approach gives it a robust foundation to succeed.

In conclusion, Rubarb showcases that fintech apps indeed have the power to simplify asset management and boost personal finance goals. Follow the journey of Rubarb via their website here, or their social media platforms: Facebook and Linkedin.

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