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Can Emerging Markets be the Solution to Tech Talent Shortage in Growth-Stage Companies?

Key Takeaways:

  • Propel provides a Community-as-a-Service platform to meet the tech talent shortage in growth-stage companies.
  • The Berlin-based start-up focuses on curating tech talent from emerging markets.
  • Propel is currently building the largest combined network of tech ecosystems in Africa.
  • The CaaS platform provides an ecosystem for talent to access work opportunities, financial services and community benefits.


The ability to meet the constant demand for tech talent, especially in growth-stage companies, has been a persistent challenge. Emerging markets are not always nurtured nor accessed to combat this issue, possibly due to biases or misconceptions. Yet, these untapped forefronts, like Africa, can house the solution. Propel is one such company that recognises the potential these markets hold. Located in Berlin, Germany, Propel has positioned itself as a vital facilitator in the tech industry, particularly in financial services, human resources and software sectors.

The company helps growth-stage companies to hire top tech talent from emerging markets, using a data-driven ‘Community-as-a-Service’ (CaaS) platform. Essentially, Propel is crafting an ecosystem to bridge the gap between tech talent in developing markets and global corporations in need of these skills. The platform facilitates this by allowing access to work, embedded finance and other extended community benefits.

What differentiates Propel?

Propel is unique in its approach to resolving talent shortages in the tech industry. The company recognises the untapped potential in emerging markets and harnesses this in a model that benefits both the talent and the hiring companies. Using their innovative CaaS platform, Propel is creating a global community of tech talents based on data-driven decisions. This model enables Propel to provide dedicated and suitable tech personnel to growing businesses around the world.

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Currently, Propel is creating the largest combined community of tech ecosystems in Africa, a testament to the company’s dedication to developing markets. They aim to maximise both technology and talent resources in African countries. By doing so, Propel offers tech talents in these communities better access to work, finance and community benefits. Hence, Propel is not only bridging the talent gap globally but is also helping to stimulate growth and opportunities within the emerging markets themselves.


As the demand for tech talent continues to increase, a paradigm shift is occurring. Start-ups like Propel are recognising the opportunity in emerging markets and are changing the narrative. The company has demonstrated impactful growth, and it is continuously evolving its CaaS platform based on the market’s needs.

Going forward, Propel aims to continue its mission to transform the future of work. As the company continues to expand its community and integrate more features into its platform, the impact Propel is making on the industry cannot be underestimated. Follow their journey on their website, or on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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