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Can Cross-Border Payment Services Revolutionise Indian MSMEs’ Global Market Penetration?

Key Takeaways:

  • BriskPe is a Mumbai-based financial innovator specializing in cross-border payments, working to empower Indian MSMEs.
  • They are regulated by the RBI’s OPGSP in India and hold a Money Service Business (MSB) license from Fintrac in Canada.
  • Their primary mission is to enable Indian exporters, regardless of size, to compete and succeed in the global marketplace.

In today’s global economy, cross-border payments are becoming crucial for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Especially in a country like India, MSMEs contribute significantly to the country’s GDP and account for a vast part of the workforce. Traditionally, these businesses have faced several barriers in accessing and benefiting from global markets. This is where Mumbai-based fintech company, BriskPe, comes in. It’s not just another fintech start-up; BriskPe sees itself as a financial innovator, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence in cross-border payments, and intends to empower Indian MSMEs to penetrate global markets effectively.

Operating under the sturdy framework of the Reserve Bank of India’s Online Payment Gateway Service Provider (OPGSP) guidelines, BriskPe has secured a trustworthy position in India’s financial landscape. In Canada, they have acquired a coveted Money Service Business (MSB) license from Fintrac, indicating their pursuit of regulatory compliance across borders. The company’s pursuit of cross-border, regulatory compliance, demonstrates its commitment to security, trust, and customer-centricity.

What sets BriskPe Apart?

BriskPe’s differentiator lies in its straightforward mission: to arm Indian MSMEs with the artillery they need to conquer the global market. The company believes that every Indian exporter, regardless of their size, should have the tools and resources they need to navigate international payments easily. They aim to make every payment a well-documented journey for their customers, enhancing their understanding and trust in cross-border transactions.

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The firm has embraced the regulatory framework as an opportunity rather than a challenge, fostering trust and security in every transaction. This unconventional perspective differentiates BriskPe from other fintech firms that mostly perceive regulations as hurdles. They derive their USP from being compliant and user-friendly at once.

The Future of BriskPe and Cross-Border Payments

As e-commerce and international trade continue to grow exponentially, the demand for seamless and secure cross-border payments will increase. Empowered by their compliance-first approach and a clear vision, BriskPe is well-positioned to capitalize on this booming trend and bring transformative changes to Indian MSME trade.

Innovation seldom walks alone; progress seldom stems from isolation. To further their cause, BriskPe aims to cultivate a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, exporters, and businesses that can illuminate each other’s path towards international growth. The promising start-up continues to devise methodologies to become the driving force of cross-border financial management transformation for Indian MSMEs.

Visit the BriskPe Website to learn more about their vision. Connect on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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