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15 Unveiling the Vibrant Finance Companies Shaping Reading’s Industry Landscape

Exploring the diverse and dynamic finance sector in Reading, UK, and the companies driving innovation and growth.

Reading, a thriving town in Berkshire, UK, has become a prominent hub for finance and financial services. With its strategic location and rich history, Reading has attracted a range of companies in banking, enterprise software, accounting, and more. In this article, we will showcase 15 remarkable finance companies in Reading that are contributing to the region’s economic growth and reshaping the industry.

Capula Investment Management LLP

Capula Investment Management is a globally recognized fixed income specialist firm. They offer services such as absolute return, enhanced fixed income, and volatility management.


Neverfail specializes in disaster recovery and data protection software solutions for financial, legal, and government organizations.

In Cloud Solutions

In Cloud Solutions is a leading SAP Business By Design Consultancy and one of the few accredited SAP Platinum Partners. They provide expertise in cloud computing, CRM, ERP, project management, and supply chain management.


Siretta designs and manufactures cellular modems, signal analyzers, antennas, and RF cable assemblies. They cater to industries such as finance, IT, IoT, manufacturing, and software.

Griffin Financial Group

Griffin Financial Group is the largest investment banking firm headquartered in Pennsylvania, offering comprehensive banking and financial services.

UTP Merchant Services

UTP Merchant Services provides card machines and other innovative card payment solutions for businesses.

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Treasury Management International

Treasury Management International specializes in corporate banking and risk management solutions.


PPN offers support and information on the peer-to-peer (P2P) industry, finance, treasury, procurement, payments, and supply chain professionals.

Ampla Finance

Ampla Finance provides family law loans, inheritance loans, and executor loans.

JPM Asset Management

JPM Asset Management is a financial planning business providing practical financial planning advice to individuals, families, and businesses.

Specialist Accounting Solutions

Specialist Accounting Solutions is an accountancy firm that provides accounting and business advisory services.

Civilised Bank

Civilised Bank is the first UK digital business bank with a Local Banker network.

Rencam Credit Union

Rencam Credit Union offers personal loans, savings, and other financial services.

Iimia MitonOptimal

Iimia MitonOptimal is a fund manager specializing in finance, financial services, and fintech.

Melanie Curtis Accountants

Melanie Curtis Accountants provides tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and management services.


The finance industry in Reading, UK, is characterized by a diverse range of companies spanning banking, software solutions, accounting, and more. These 15 companies highlighted in this article represent the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive of Reading’s finance sector. With their contributions to the local economy and commitment to excellence, they play a vital role in shaping the region’s finance landscape and driving its continued growth.

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