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15 Interesting Insurance Companies in Manchester, UK

Manchester, a bustling city in the United Kingdom, is home to a thriving insurance industry that caters to various businesses and individuals. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 interesting insurance companies in Manchester, from established names to innovative startups.

Co-Operative Bank – UK: Personal Banking and Insurance Solutions

Co-Operative Bank – UK provides personal banking and insurance services for individuals. With a focus on sustainability and ethical banking, the bank offers a range of financial solutions, including home insurance, car insurance, and life insurance.

Travelus: Innovative P2P Travel Insurance for University Travellers

Travelus is a platform that provides innovative P2P travel insurance for university travellers. The company uses advanced technology to match travellers with insurers and offers policies that cover everything from trip cancellations to medical emergencies.

Riverstone: Exceptional Retirement Living for Seniors

Riverstone is a provider of exceptional retirement living solutions for seniors in London. The company offers a range of services, including retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and memory care units, to help seniors lead fulfilling and comfortable lives.

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The Co-operative Food Primary Logistics Services: Ethical and Sustainable Food Logistics

The Co-operative Food Primary Logistics Services is a co-operative business that provides ethical and sustainable food logistics services. The company works with local farmers and suppliers to ensure that their products are sustainably sourced and delivered with minimal environmental impact.

IGNITE: Insurance Software for Agents

IGNITE provides insurance software for agents that simplifies the process of underwriting and claims management. The company’s platform allows agents to streamline their workflows and offer better services to their clients.

Ripe Thinking: Sports Insurance Solutions

Ripe Thinking provides sports insurance services for individuals and businesses. The company offers policies that cover everything from personal accidents to event cancellations, ensuring that sports enthusiasts can pursue their passions with peace of mind.

Swinton Group: Comprehensive Insurance Products

Swinton Group is an insurance broker that provides a range of comprehensive insurance products. The company offers policies for car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and much more.

HF: Legal and Insurance Litigation Solutions

HF provides legal and insurance litigation solutions for businesses and individuals. The company’s team of legal experts offers a range of services, including insurance claims management, dispute resolution, and risk management.

Uinsure: B2B General Insurance Solutions

Uinsure is a B2B general insurance provider that offers a range of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s platform allows brokers to quickly and easily offer their clients a range of insurance policies, from home insurance to commercial property insurance.

Bridge Insurance Brokers: Independent Corporate Insurance Broker

Bridge Insurance Brokers is an independent corporate insurance broker with offices in Manchester and London. The company provides insurance solutions for businesses in various industries, including construction, real estate, and credit.

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Atlanta Group: Personal Lines Insurance Broker

Atlanta Group is a personal lines insurance broker that offers a range of insurance products for individuals. The company’s policies cover everything from home insurance to pet insurance, ensuring that customers can protect their most valuable assets.

Stream: Modern Loss Adjusting and Claims Management

Stream is a modern loss adjusting and claims management business that offers a range of services to businesses and individuals. The company’s team of experts uses advanced technology to streamline the claims management process and ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

Northern Marine Underwriters: Specialty Insurance Solutions

Northern Marine Underwriters provides specialty insurance solutions for businesses and individuals. The company offers policies that cover everything from marine cargo to cyber liability, ensuring that customers can protect themselves against a wide range of risks.

The Insurance Octopus: Commercial Insurance Solutions

The Insurance Octopus is a commercial insurance company that specializes in restaurant and internet traders insurance and public liability. The company

offers bespoke insurance policies that cater to the unique needs of each business, ensuring that they have the coverage they need to operate with confidence.

Alec Finch Group: Simplifying Insurance and Employee Benefits

Alec Finch Group is a financial services and insurance provider that specializes in simplifying insurance and employee benefits. The company’s team of experts works closely with businesses to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their requirements.


Manchester is home to a vibrant and diverse insurance industry that offers a wide range of solutions for businesses and individuals. From established names to innovative startups, these 15 insurance companies showcase the diversity and innovation of the industry in Manchester. Whether you’re looking for personal banking and insurance solutions, travel insurance, retirement living, or commercial insurance, you’re sure to find a company that can meet your needs in this dynamic city.

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