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15 Interesting Finance Companies in Cardiff, United Kingdom

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a bustling and dynamic city with a diverse economy. The city is home to many finance companies that provide a range of financial services to businesses and individuals alike. In this article, we will take a look at 15 interesting finance companies in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Development Bank of Wales: Flexible Finance for Welsh Businesses

The Development Bank of Wales is a leading provider of flexible finance for businesses based in Wales. They offer a range of financing options to businesses, including debt and equity financing, loan guarantees, and mezzanine finance. The bank supports businesses in various sectors, from startups to established companies.

Principality Building Society: Savings, Mortgages, and Investments

Principality Building Society is a Wales-based company that provides savings, mortgages, and investments to its customers. The building society is dedicated to serving the needs of its members and is committed to supporting the local community. They have branches across Wales, including several in Cardiff.

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Atamis: Contract Lifecycle Management and Spend Analysis Solutions

Atamis is a leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Spend Analysis solutions. The company’s software helps businesses to streamline their procurement processes and improve their contract management. Atamis works with clients across a range of sectors, from healthcare to local government.

MotoNovo Finance: Automotive Finance Solutions

MotoNovo Finance is a leading provider of automotive finance solutions. The company offers a range of products and services to its customers, including hire purchase, personal contract purchase, and personal loans. They work with over 8,000 dealerships across the UK, including several in Cardiff.

V12 Retail Finance: Financial Solutions for Retailers

V12 Retail Finance is a leading provider of financial solutions for retailers. The company offers a range of financing options to help retailers increase their sales and improve customer loyalty. Their services include point-of-sale finance, credit brokering, and personal loans.

Hodge: Banking, Finance, Mortgages, and Financial Services

Hodge is a financial services company that provides banking, finance, mortgages, and financial services. The company is committed to supporting its customers and the wider community. They have been operating for over 50 years and have offices across the UK, including one in Cardiff.

Black Horse: Personal Finance Services

Black Horse is a personal finance service provider company. The company offers a range of financial services to its customers, including personal loans, car finance, and insurance. They are committed to providing their customers with excellent service and support.

Penguin Portals: Global Network of Comparison Platforms

Penguin Portals is a global network of comparison platforms for financial services. The company operates several websites, including CompareTheMarket.com and Confused.com. Their services help consumers to compare and save money on a range of financial products, from insurance to mortgages.

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Elephant: Comprehensive Car Insurance Services

Elephant is a financial solutions company that specializes in offering comprehensive car insurance services. They provide insurance cover for a range of vehicles, from cars to motorcycles. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service and support.

Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants: Insurance Broker and Financial Advisory

Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants is an insurance broker and financial advisory company. The company provides a range of insurance services to its clients, including property, liability, and motor insurance. They also offer financial advisory services to help their clients plan for the future.

Vauxhall Finance: Financial Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Vauxhall Finance specializes in financial solutions for the automotive industry. The company offers a range of financing options to its customers, including GAP, car insurance, loan, and lease services. They work with Vauxhall dealerships across the UK, including several in Cardiff

United Purpose: Social Organisation Providing Charity

United Purpose is a social organisation that provides charity for health, sanitation, agriculture, international, and sustainable development. The charity is committed to creating a better world for all and works with communities around the world to improve their lives. They have been operating for over 40 years and have offices in several countries, including the UK.

Watts Gregory: Auditing, Accounting, and Wealth Management Services

Watts Gregory is a financial services company that offers a range of services, including auditing, accounting, taxation, wealth management, corporate finance, litigation, and strategic development services. The company works with businesses and individuals in a range of sectors and is committed to providing excellent service and support.

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Charles Frank Finance: Personal and Commercial Finance Brokerage

Charles Frank Finance is a finance brokerage firm that offers personal loans, commercial finance, and impaired credit services. The company works with a range of lenders to help its clients find the best possible finance solutions. They are committed to providing a fast, efficient, and reliable service.

TBMC: Consultancy Offering Buy-to-Let, Mortgages, and Short-Term Loans

TBMC is a consultancy that offers buy-to-let, mortgage, short-term loan, and finance services to the real estate industry. The company works with a range of clients, including landlords, property investors, and developers. They have been operating for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience in the industry.


Cardiff is home to many interesting finance companies that provide a range of financial services to businesses and individuals. From flexible finance for Welsh businesses to personal and commercial finance brokerage, these companies offer a diverse range of services. Whether you are a business owner looking for funding or an individual in need of financial advice, there is sure to be a finance company in Cardiff that can help you.

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